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The Battle of Exercise Tiger: The LST's Finest Hour
What began as a top secret naval operation to prepare US Army and Naval forces for the June 6th D-Day Invasion, would end with one of the highest losses ever suffered in combat by the US Army and Navy in WW II.
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The Pink Tiger Program

"The Pink Tiger Program" to combat cancer in military veterans, their families, and their cats. Feline cancer kills cats. University of MIssouri College of Veteranry Medicine to receive a grant to combat feline cancer for research.

The Pink Tiger is the USETF's effort to combat cancer. Just as our troops combat our enemies the Tiger Foundation will donate to help combat cancer in our veterans and military and their familites and in their cats.

Checks can be made to the Exercise Tiger Foundation, and donations sent to P.O. Box 246, Columbia, MO 65205

The Cat's 4 K-9's Program
First National Reward Recipient Announced...

The first recipient of the National Blue Tiger Award is Staff Sargent Alex Holloway and his military working dog (MWD) Filo. Filo is a six year old German Shepherd and is with the USAF 509th bomb wing. Filo has performed over 400 hours of security patrols guarding the worlds only B-2 bomber force. Among his many accomplishments, Filo and his handler, have prevented explosives from being brought onto the air force base. Filo's highlights also include his personal guarding of the President of the United States. He has seen deployment in combat theaters as well. Because of Filo's unique capabilities, he is considered one of the Air Force's premier MWD's. The Military Order of the Blue Tiger (MBOT) is to be an annual National Award for MWD's of all services. Filo and Staff Sgt. Holloway will be making history at the opening ceremony of the MU football game vs. Western Illinois University by being the first MWD to be officially recognized on the football field. In 126 years of MU football no dog has ever been officially recognized on the football field. It is hoped that the MOBT will become a Department of Defense award in future years. In contrast to the United States, Britain has had the DICKEN Award for British military dogs since WWI. The United States does not have an award for their MWD's. It is hoped that the MBOT will become that award in future years.

Military Order of the Blue Tiger - Alex Holloway and Filo
Columbia Tribune Story: Military Dog Has His Day

Whiteman MWD Receives First National Award

Bomb-sniffing dog wins Mo. honor

Published 04:07 p.m., Saturday, September 17, 2011

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The 13th annual National Adopt a Serviceman awards banquet, which honors Missouri service members, also honored a military dog with the Exercise Tiger Foundation's first "Combat Canine Award."
The idea to honor a canine was inspired by the recent death of Bart, a Navy SEAL dog who died when a helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan.
Susan Haines, director of the foundation, told the Columbia Daily Tribune (http://bit.ly/os1CIf ) that Filo, a 6-year-old German shepherd, has guarded the U.S. president and B-52 bombers and has prevented explosives from getting on a military base.
Filo's handler, Air Force Staff Sgt. Alex Holloway, said he was surprised when he first heard Filo would receive the award. But he says Filo deserves it because he works hard and is repaid only in love.
Information from: Columbia Daily Tribune, http://www.columbiatribune.com

Missouri Dog to be Nation's First Blue Tiger Award Winner

Posted: Sep 16, 2011 3:23 PM by Jeff Mondlock
Updated: Sep 16, 2011 10:10 PM

COLUMBIA - A military service dog and his handler will receive a first-of-its-kind recognition Friday night as part of the "Adopt a Serviceman" program. The program, now in its 13th year, is adding the "Blue Tiger" award this year.

USAF Military Service Dog "Filo" of the Whiteman Airforce Base is the nation's first winner of the award.
"Filo" earned this award for his work in the line of duty in the United States Air Force. The dog's tasks included aiding in guarding the president of the United States. Filo also guards the B-2 bombers that do ultra long range bombing runs overseas from Missouri. Along with an awards ceremony Friday, Filo will be honored during pre-game introductions at Faurot Field Saturday. Filo is the first dog to be commemorated with a combat canine award and will be the first dog honored at Faurot Field. Sergeant Alex Holloway, the dog's handler, will be honored along with Filo. Holloway is a Missouri native from Waynesville. Filo will be honored Friday at the "Adopt A Servicemen" Awards Banquet at the Columbia Country Club. One hundred fifty people are expected to attend the banquet. Proceeds go towards support for various troop and veterans' programs.

Exercise Tiger Foundation names new award!
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