The Battle of Exercise Tiger: The LST's Finest Hour
What began as a top secret naval operation to prepare US Army and Naval forces for the June 6th D-Day Invasion, would end with one of the highest losses ever suffered in combat by the US Army and Navy in WW II.
A Word From the Executive Director of the Exercise Tiger Association

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Susan Haines
National Executive Director, Chief Of Staff

United States Exercise Tiger Foundation National Office
1001 E. Walnut St., Ste 200, Columbia, MO 65201
Office phone: 573-356-0529
Fax: 573.449.8069
Phone: 1.877.WW2.TIGR

Exercise Tiger Mask Donations
USTF Veterans Foundation Based In Columbia Gets #1 ranking in Missouri and # 25 Nationally
The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation or USTF for short has been given a 5 star rating and a number 1 Missouri State ranking and #25 nationally on the non profit verification organization
Exercise Tiger Mask Donations
For VFW Posts, American Legion Posts, DAV, All Government Agencies, Retired Officers Associations, Retired NCO Associations, The Wounded Warrior Project, ALL Other NGO's, And Companies that employ Veterans; Contact USTF Executive Officer or National Director at 573-356-0529 For large orders of masks. Any veterans or family members may call as well.
Exercise Tiger Mask Donations


If YOU want to honor a veteran, then the “Tiger” Foundation needs your help! Since 1989 the Exercise Tiger Foundation has honored over 5,000 veterans, students, civilians and active duty and guard troops. The “Tiger” Foundation has over 35 separate awards and medals. Annually the Foundation honors active duty troops with its highly achieved “Adopt A Serviceman” program. Each April the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger is honored and remembered. We need your help to continue our mission. It would be a great honor to include you as a major donor or sponsor, or “angel”. Please contact National Director Susan Haines.

The trophies, medals and plaques cost money. Awardees have never been charged, but each trophy, plaque or medal costs way over $25.00 to produce, make and send. So we ask you to please help us to continue to honor our veterans, civilians, students, and active duty troops. A donation or grant of $20,000, $50,000 or $100,00 would fund several years of programs.

Exclusive trophy supplier to the USTF since 1998

Newest USTF Award ~ The Oscar Austin USMC Citation For Vietnam War Service debuts

For Black History Month the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation has debuted the newest award honoring a heroic black Marine Oscar Austin. PFC Oscar Austin gave his life saving fellow Marines in Vietnam in 1969. He later received the Medal Of Honor for his heroic sacrifice. This is our 2nd named Vietnam Service Award and the first named in honor of a Black American. Heroes may die, but they are remembered. We are honored to forever keep PFC Austins name alive by giving out this citation. Given to Marines of all ranks, also Army, Navy and USAF personnel when serving alongside USMC or in joint operations in Vietnam.

Coast Guard Manned USS LCI 85 At Exercise Tiger

The all Coast Guard Manned LCI 85 lands troops at Slapton Sands on April 27th 1944 as part of the Exercise or Operation Tiger main force of LST's and LCI's. Through new research, the USTF Chief Historian has uncovered this rare photo and the fact that LCI 85 participated in Exercise Tiger. USS LCI 85 was not part of the T4 (Taffy 4 ) US Navy Convoy attacked on April 28th. But on D-Day USS LCI 85 suffered over 25 direct hits by the dreaded German 88mm cannon and was sunk by days end. Over 30 of her 200 soldiers were killed but only 4 USCG personnel were badly wounded

USS LCI 85 at Slapton Sands on April 27th, 1944

Donation, Endowments, Grants & Sponsorships,
Naming Rights and Capital Projects

The Exercise Tiger Foundation relies on donations grants gifts in kind and other sources to continue to honor our men and women in uniform and those who have served since WWII. If you wish to make a contribution you may do so by sending a money order or check directly to the foundation. However should you wish to make a major donation or grant, contact the National Director Susan Haines directly at 573.356.3093 or 1-877-WWII-TIGR. If you make an endowment or large donation we have numerous options to name awards programs and memorials after you. Also if you are a business or corporation we have naming rights and sponsorship available. We have an immediate need to have a sponsor for our Military Working Dog Award by either a pet food company, veterinarian, veterinary hospital or pet shop again contact the national director Susan Haines.
Have your name or loved ones name live on by our Foundation's naming an award in their honor. For more information contact our national office.

New Major Projects Planned - Funding Needed

1.) Eternal Flame of Valor for Iraq & Afghanistan Troops
2.) New Memorial Design at Mexico, MO

Several new projects are planned funding is needed to complete them.

The Exercise Tiger Eternal Flame of Valor for Iraq & Afghanistan Wars is a concept that needs a location, costing in the neighborhood of $25,000. The flame dedicated to our 5000 troops killed since 2001 and those 50, 000 wounded would be a unique memorial. The first of its kind in the United States we would like for it to be located in Columbia Missouri, but are open to all interested parties. Contact the National Director.

The second project should be to redesign the Exercise Tiger Army & Navy Anchor Memorial in Mexico, MO. Additional funding is needed for this project as well. The Audrain County commissioners are updating the courthouse facilities to accommodate handicapped and physically impaired individuals.

Other projects funds are needed for along with legislative assistance are: Current & Future Programs, USS Exercise Tiger LPD (Future warship named after Tiger), MODOT Signage on Interstate 70, VFW 280 Plaque, CATS Campaign, HEROS Campaign, & Military Appreciation Day Game Trophy.

Tiger Photo Gallery
Exercise Tiger Program Books

New Medal To Be Awarded in the Fall

The Exercise Tiger Medal for Combat Valor will be presented this fall at the "Tiger" Foundations 17th Annual "Adopt A Serviceman" Program in Columbia, Missouri. The medal recipients will include those adopted servicemen & women who meet the criteria as well as the first class of medal recipients listed below.

Tiger Medal of Valor Recipients: The First Class
Tiger Vets
Tom Glynn, LST 289, US Navy
Earl Thatcher, LST 289, US Navy
Tom Oakley, US Navy, WWII
Walter Domanski, Sr., US Navy , LST 496
Ensign Bernard "Bud" Carey, LST 507
Michael "Tex" Gyros, US Navy, WWII
Nathan Bruckenthal, USCG, Iraq War

Other names will be listed in the future. To be nominated for an award medal, write the association and include DOD Form 214 or separation papers and any letter of endorsement of your actions. All wars, conflicts and military operations are eligible. If posthumous award please include all information on the serviceman and his or her actions.


Pearl Harbor Day Mid Missouri Remembrance Ceremony... Dec. 7, 2023

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Pearl Harbor Day Mid Missouri Remembrance Ceremony -
& Sgt Rosie's Blankets For Vets & Pets Kick Off 
Thursday Dec. 7th,11:55 - At Boone County War memorial Plaza

valentines for vets 2023

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The USTF Stands With Israel -
Message To Israel and it's citizens 

valentines for vets 2023

The shocking and devastating raid against the civilians and military forces of Israel have come with a high cost of life that the USTF condemns.

We send our thoughts and prayers to all Israeli civilians and those who have members in the military.

We also send our prayers to those here in Missouri and the United States who have family in Israel.

 When Allie's of the US come under such attacks, the USTF is always among the first organizations to honor and remember those lost in combat. In the coming days, the USTF will place a wreath and blue and white flowers at the memorial anchor and other places to honor Israel.

Stay strong, stay the course. History and the world is with you

The Senior Leadership of National Office
The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation/USTF

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"Warrior 25" The new Commemorative Logo
For The National Adopt A Warrior Honors Weekend Program 2023

valentines for vets 2023

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USTF Hosts Mid Missouri 9-11 Ceremony At Boone County Mo
War Memorial Plaza, Top Missouri Fire Chiefs to Speak at Tribute

valentines for vets 2023

Click here to download the program book...

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Secretary of the Navy - Statement 2023

valentines for vets 2023
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USTF Veterans Foundation Teams Up With Local Missouri Hair Salon The Captains Quarters Hair salon in Colombia Mo. to do Free Haircuts For Vets on Valentines Day

valentines for vets 2023
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First Ever Award

USTF's Therapy Dog "Sgt Rosie" Gets US Army Award For Veterans Day Recognition Top US Army K9 Unit, the 94th Canine Detachment Honors Sgt Rosie First Ever Award

As part of the USTF's Adopt A Warrior Program and in time for Veterans Day, the US Armys Top K9 unit has awarded the Veterans Foundations therapy Spaniel, Sgt Rosie with the first ever award from the unit for a non military dog.

The citation states, "For Exceptional Achievement & Dedication while serving in support of the USTF, for Sgt Rosie's service to active duty and Veterans". Lt. Brandon Dickinson, the Commanding officer of the 94th presented the award to Sgt Rosie as part of the annual Adopt A warrior Honors Weekend on Nov 5th. " The 94th is proud to be able to honor Sgt Rosie with this recognition and appreciation award for her service and just in time for next weeks Veterans Day recognition in Columbia". the Lt stated.

"Its not everyday that a non military dog gets something like this" one of the K9 Handlers added. This is a very special honor for a very special spaniel". the handler added.

In fact, this is the first ever award by the 94th to a non military dog, Sgt Rosie however has inspired and helped many in the mid-Mo region. During Covid she sponsored the Pet Food For Vets & Pets drive with Mosers providing 1000 pounds of dog and cat food for veterans and families with pets during the Covid lockdown. For the past two summers Operation Sgt Rosie's Lifejackets for
vets & Pets has seen over 200 lifejackets given away to veterans who boat or fish and 11 lifejackets to their dogs. She also serves as an emotional support K9 for veterans. She also has her own award for military K-9s and a medal as well.

"Her smile and her compassion to veterans is on display every day" "She knows when their having a bad day and will lick their faces to get them to cheer up." said Susan Haines the USTF's Executive Director and primary handler/caregiver to Rosie.

This Veterans Day Sgt Rosie not only gets an award but send her best wishes to all veterans and looks forward to meeting and cheering up more Vets.

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Join Us On: Friday, Nov 4th, 2022

The USTF's 24th Annual National Adopt A Warrior

If you are a Veteran or wish to sponsor a Veteran for the 4th or just want to support our men & women and dogs in uniform please contact the USTF at 573-356-0529 or or by emailing Susan Haines or Bob Jackson. The USTF is a 501 (c) (19) non profit & charitable org.

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USTF Honors & Mourns Missouri's Last Tuskegee Airman

USTF National Director Among
Dignitaries To Give Elegy at Funeral Saturday July 30

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USTF Lifejackets For Vets & Pets...

Makes Front Page of Major Daily Newspaper

lifejackets for vets


The USTF to Honor Ukraine’s Armed Forces
The USTF to Honor Ukraine’s Armed Forces and their nation with special wreaths adorned with blue and yellow flowers as part of the 34th annual National Battle of Exercise Tiger Ceremonies. The main ceremony will take place at US Coast Guard Station at Barnegat Light NJ on April 28th at 1PM. Contact USTF Media/PAO at 573-356-0529 for more info. This will be the largest wreath tribute to Ukraine in the world. US Coast Guard boats in Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Gulf of Mexico & Mississippi River will also take part.

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Operation Sgt. Rosie's Lifejackets

Free Lifejacket's to Vet's & Pets - July 4th Weekend

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Veterans Foundation Honors

The 36th Marine Separate Brigade at Mariupol With Distinguished Unit Award & Medal of Combat Valor

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United States Veterans Foundation USTF,

Honors Ukraine K-9 "Patron" With K-9 Medal of Honor

ustf honors ukraine k-9 patron with k-9 medal of honor

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USTF Veterans Foundation Sends

Tourniquets as Humanitarian Aid Package To Ukraine

Tourniquets as Humanitarian Aid Package To Ukraine

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The USTF Presents

23rd National Adopt A Warrior Honors Program Weekend
November 12-13, 2021, Columbia Missouri
At the Columbia Country Club's Grand Ballroom & The University of Missouri's Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field

The Warrior Legacy Carries On

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New Tropy to Debut in November

Oscar Mike Military Trophy to debut in November for the Adopt a Warror Honors Weekend- November 12 & 13

Our new "Oscar Mike" Exercise Tiger Military Trophy

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33rd National Commemoration Announcement!

33rd National Commemoration of The Bartle of Exercise Tiger - Wed April 28, 1PM
at The Missouri State Exercise Tiger Army & Navy Anchor Memorial Audrain County Courthouse, Mexico Missouri

The 5000 lb former US Navy LST Anchor has had a 5 foot Blue Ribbon on it since last April 28 to remember Covid 19 victims and as a "Beacon of Hope" for a vaccine. As the US has 3 vaccines, the ribbon will be taken down and be presented to Audrain County Commissioners and others on April 28, 2021 as part of the national tribute.

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This is the historic first time that a US Congressman has delivered remarks on the actual day of the WW II Battle.


Click above or here to view the PDF

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"Walk for Tiger"

Retired Master SGT Ray Bumbales USAF, who is the Farber Missouri Police Chief to do a 14 mile "RUCK For Tiger" to raise awareness of the forgotten battle and to help raise funds for the USTF.

To donate please click the PayPal button -

The USTF is a 5 Star rated non profit at

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77th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger

National Wreath Tribute Map

Click on the Graphic for a larger PDF version.

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USTF Legacy Cup Award

The USTF To Debut The "USTF Legacy Cup Award"
at The 2021 National Exercise Tiger Commemoration Ceremony

The 139th Airlift Wing, USAF/Missouri Air National Guard is the first military unit to receive this coveted cup and newest USTF Award.

The 139th AW is based out of St. Joe Missouri and is a combat airlift unit that has been deployed to all anti terror military campaigns around the world. Their aircraft and personnel are considered to be among the best in the US Air Guard and USAF. The USTF has honored their personnel for 15 years as "Adopted Warriors" The "Fightin' 139th" are considered "The Ambassadors of The Air" by the USTF.


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10,000 masks donated to
John J. Pershing VA Medical Center

Story Courtesy of:KFVS12 (LINK TO STORY)
By Brooke Buckner | September 14, 2020 at 6:07 PM CDT - Updated September 15 at 3:16 PM

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - Veterans can now receive some needed protection against COVID-19 at Poplar Bluff's VA Hospital.
10,000 masks were delivered Monday to go to veterans at the medical center.
"We want them to get masks and we will get it to them one way or another," Walter Domanski said.
Walter Domanski with the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation said his group joined with the state of Missouri and the Kingdom Pilots Association to deliver this needed cargo to the John J. Pershing Medical Center.
"This is a great way to keep them and their families safe as well as our employees too," Paul Hopkins said.
Hospital Director Paul Hopkins said each vet they serve will get a package of five masks.
"Veterans help veterans. They can go and in turn give a mask to another veteran in order to make sure that they remain safe as well," Hopkins said.
Domanski calls the donation one way to show their support for all veterans.
"The mask issue certainly was something that from a financial cost to just their availability in the rural areas, that seemed like something we could help try to accomplish," Domanski said.
Domaski said the mask-a-vet campaign is his organization's largest humanitarian mission in its 30 year history.
"Very grateful for the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation and thinking about us here in southern Missouri," Hopkins said.
Hopkins said the masks are available at the medical center and its community-based outpatient clinics.
The group plans to deliver at least 150-thousand masks for veterans in Missouri.

Click above or here to view the video newscast

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Columbia organization takes to the air to help veterans fight COVID-19

Story Courtesy of:The Missourian (LINK TO STORY)
By Armond Feffer - Sept 15, 2020

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation launched their inaugural "Mask a Vet" campaign Sunday in Fulton, Mo. The organization, along with volunteer pilots, flew thousands of masks from Elton Hensley Memorial Airport to rural areas around Missouri to provide for veterans in need. The USTF's goal is to provide a mask to every veteran in the state of Missouri.

PICTURE CAPTION:Steve Wendling loads boxes of masks into his plane for the "Mask a Vet" campaign Sunday in Fulton. Wendling, an experienced pilot with over 1,100 hours in the air, volunteered for the mission without hesitation. "I was not able to serve in the military," Wendling said. "This gives me the chance to give back and do a little something for well-deserving veterans that don't have the access or means to get masks themselves." ARMOND FEFFER/MISSOURIAN

Click here to view the remaining image gallery at The Missourian

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United States Exercise Tiger Foundation stocks 100 thousand masks

Story Courtesy of:The Missourian (LINK TO STORY)
By Grace Noteboom - Sept 11, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the state, local organization Exercise Tiger received 100,000 masks, which it plans to distribute to local organizations, as well as other veterans groups around the state. These masks follow a shipment of 50,000 that the organization received last week. In addition to these distribution efforts, masks are also being handed out to veterans at its offices downtown.

PICTURE CAPTION:Officer Brad Wolf, right, directs traffic while Pito Lopez unloads boxes of masks Thursday at the Exercise Tiger Association in Columbia. 100,000 masks were delivered to the offices, which will allocate them to organizations both locally and across the state. GRACE NOTEBOOM/MISSOURIAN

PICTURE CAPTION:Pito Lopez unloads a box of masks onto the sidewalk Thursday. Lopez delivered the masks in two roundtrips, stuffing boxes wherever there was room in order to make all 100,000 masks fit into the cargo van. GRACE NOTEBOOM/MISSOURIAN

PICTURE CAPTION:Susan Haines carries a box full of masks into the Exercise Tiger Association office Thursday in Columbia. Haines, the national director of the veteran-focused organization, piled the boxes into any office with open space. "We need to protect our nation's most valuable resource: people," Haines said. GRACE NOTEBOOM/MISSOURIAN

PICTURE CAPTION:Thousands of masks lie ready for distribution Thursday in the Exercise Tiger Association office. The masks, including 50,000 that arrived just last week, will be donated to charities and organizations across the state, including a 5,000 mask donation to the National Association for Black Veterans office in St. Louis. Grace Noteboom/MISSOURIAN

Exercise Tiger Logo

'Mask a Vet' program takes flight in Fulton

USETF's largest-ever humanitarian effort: providing reusable masks to Missouri veterans.

Story Courtesy of: The Fulton sun (LINK TO STORY)
by Helen Wilbers Sep. 14 2020 @ 12:55am

A new mission to provide reusable masks for Missouri veterans in need lifted off at Elton Hensley Memorial Airport Sunday.
With help from Fulton's Kingdom Pilots Association, "Mask a Vet" aims to deliver at least 150,000 reusable facemasks to veterans all over the state. The initiative is Columbia-based United States Exercise Tiger Foundation's (USTF) largest-ever humanitarian effort.
"This is the beginning of the air war against COVID-19," said USTF Executive Officer Walter Domanski.
According to USTF National Executive Director Susan Haines, the mission was born a little over a month ago, when USTF tried to apply for a CARES Act grant to purchase masks for veterans. Finding the process a bit confusing, Haines reached out to Missouri Governor Mike Parson's office for assistance. Someone in the office promised to reach out to the policy committee.
"For about a week, all was quiet," Haines said.
And then Domanski got a call on the USTF's shared cellphone.
"This truck driver calls and says, 'I've got a load of masks for you — do you have a loading dock?" Domanski recounted.


PICTURE CAPTION:Ted Forester loads boxes of masks provided by the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency and the Missouri Governor's Office into his aircraft. The masks packed his small cargo space. Photo by Helen Wilbers / Fulton Sun.

Exercise Tiger Logo

50,000 Masks for Veterans JOINT TASK FORCE TIGER


A "Tiger" Mission To Help Warriors, Veterans & Their Families.
The Joint USTF/MO Gov. Response To Combat Covid 19.
Help Stop The Spread, 'Mask A Vet' Today.
Call the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation office at 573-356-0529 for your free masks.

We at the USTF office are maintaining social distancing and keeping safe,

Working with our Government partners, Missouri SEMA delivered 50,000 masks
provided by the US Dept. of Public Health Service.
This is among the largest contributions of masks in the nation for Veterans, Warriors and their
families. The USTF is proud to be the lead coordinator and distributor of them.

The Kingdom Pilots' Association is on board to help distribute to VFWs, American Legion
and other veterans groups and organizations across the state. The masks will also be available
at our national office at 1001 E. Walnut Street, Suite 200, on Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00 to 4:00 or by appointment. The other days of the week we will be on the road distributing them.
Fuel costs will be our only limitation, and we ask that if you'd like to donate toward this project,
that you may do so through our PayPal account.

We will distribute the masks state wide till our inventory is completely depleted.
The masks come 500 to a box. The boxes are lightweight, and easily transportable.
There are 5 masks to a package. We envision each veteran and their family members to have an
unopened pack of 5 per person. We're predict that at least 10,000 veterans and their families to
be the recipients. There's no definite deadline at this time. Additional orders of masks have been
discussed with SEMA Staff and we will be able to keep this as an ongoing initiative.

Help Stop The Spread, 'Mask A Vet' Today

Accompanying News Stories

From: 13KRCG
50,000 Masks Supplied ot Missouri Veterans
by Elizabeth Hoffman, Friday, August 28th 2020

MID MISSOURI — Wearing a mask has become a necessity due to the pandemic, but they aren't always easy to find. Missouri veterans and their families have been supplied with 50,000 masks, and they were delivered to Columbia Wednesday. (read more...)

From: Columbia Missourian 
Exercise Tiger Association receives 50,000 masks for veterans
by Gracie Alvarez, August 26th 2020

The Exercise Tiger Association received 50,000 masks Wednesday morning from the State Emergency Management Agency, to pass out to veterans and their families across the state.
(read more...)

Pito Lopez unloads masks Wednesday, at the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation. Lopez works for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency and the Disaster Medical Assistance Teams. He helped deliver a donation of 50,000 masks to USTF to give to veterans and their families.
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2020 April Ceremony - Honoring the Past, Present & Future

Small group gathers to commemorate Exercise Tiger operation

Story Courtesy of: The Mexico Ledger (LINK TO STORY)
By Charles Dunlap - Posted Apr 30, 2020 at 2:34 PM

The Exercise Tiger operation held April 28, 1944 by U.S. Armed forces wasn't supposed to be a full-scale battle. It turned into one when German E-boats attacked the D-Day practice run.

The United States Tiger Foundation holds a commemorative service each year to recognize the battle and the lives lost in this relatively forgotten battle of World War II.

It was no different this year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The Audrain County Commission, Tiger Foundation Executive Director Susan Haines and Farber Police Chief Ray Bumbales took part in Tuesday's ceremony.

The ceremony commemorated the nearly 750 who are missing or were killed in the operation as well as the more than 300 who have died due to the new coronavirus. A blue ribbon was placed at the Missouri Exercise Tiger Army and Navy Anchor Memorial at the Audrain County Courthouse. It will remain there until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

"That was very moving," Haines said.

Bumbales also held a walkathon to raise money for the Tiger Foundation to support veterans health care costs associated with COVID-19.

A proclamation from Gov. Mike Parson was read, along with remarks submitted by U.S. Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer.

The top secret Exercise Tiger operation, used tank-landing and support ships at Slapton Sands, Devon, England, and at Lyme Bay. Slapton Sands was used due to its similarity to the Normandy beaches.

The German Navy E-boats mounted the attack in Lyme Bay. Of the 4,000-strong allied forces, nearly one-quarter were missing or killed.

Despite the German attack, landing operations continued. Details of Exercise Tiger were declassified two months after the Normandy invasion, but remained largely forgotten for decades. The lessons learned from Exercise Tiger influenced how D-Day operations were conducted. More than 200 men from Missouri were killed in the operation.

"Today has a new meaning. We honor our past, our present, and we hope for the future when COVID-19 is a thing of the past." Haines said in her closing remarks Tuesday.

uscg 32nd annual NETWC tribute 2020

PICTURE CAPTION: Audrain County Commissioners Aland Winders and Tracy Graham took part in the Exercise Tiger commemoration Tuesday at the Missouri Exercise Tiger Army and Navy Anchor Memorial at the Audrain County Courthouse. The blue ribbon will remain on the anchor until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

Exercise Tiger Logo

Vietnam War Anniversary Remembered In Mid-Missouri

The 32nd Annual National Exercise Tiger Wreath Ceremony
& The Nations First Coronavirus Remembrance Day Tribute
USCG & USTF Tributes Begin at 10 AM EST, CST and PST

uscg 32nd annual NETWC tribute 2020

Click on the image above to download the PDF

Exercise Tiger Logo

Vietnam War Anniversary Remembered In Mid-Missouri

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, the Columbia based Veterans & Military Honors Foundation remembered the Vietnam War Anniversary on Sunday March 29th at 3:30 PM.

A solitary wreath was placed at the Boone County Vietnam War Memorial by the USTF Executive Director Susan Haines. Remarks were said to remember those are with us now only in spirit and those who made it back with the scars of war. Haines is the spouse of a Vietnam War vet.

No one attended the wreath placement due to the Coronavirus pandemic." Our Vietnam War veterans are our most prized possessions, despite the Coronavirus outbreak they still need to be remembered. They are from a lost generation of heroes, they answered the call when we needed them to. They were overlooked when they came home.

We cannot do that to them again." said Haines. "This wreath shows they haven't been" Haines added.

The wreath, will stay at the memorial for 24 hours.

Susan Haines, USTF National Director kneeling with wreath A solitary wreath in place for 24 hours marks the Vietnam War Anniversary on March 29th, 2020 in Mid-Missouri
Exercise Tiger Logo Veterans & Warrior's Families Get Free Pet Food
A Coronavirus Success Story

First Use of USTF's Tiger Response Team

On Sunday March 29 the USTF partnered up with Mosers Stores and The Missourian to provide free emergency pet
food for Mid-Missouri Veterans, Warriors and their families. More than 36 vets and or their families received 5 pound
bags of dog food, and another 16 received 4 Lb bags of cat food. In addition several cases were provided to
volunteers from the Boone County Animal Shelter. In all over 100 bags were given away to help veterans, warriors
and their families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

" This was a total success" said USTF Executive Director Susan Haines. "We deployed our "Tiger Response Team" to
handout the pet food and we met a lot of grateful people." she added. The USTF plans on doing this again and hope to give out even
more pet food. Named after the USTF's Therapy K-9 "Rosie", "Operation Sgt. Rosie" brought smiles with each bag of pet food handed out.
In all over 300 pounds of pet food was distributed. Amid the stay at home orders and the doom and gloom of the virus, the pet food giveaway
provided some needed food for our 4 legged companions and with "Rosie"on hand some extra smiles too.

If anyone would like to donate to this worthy project please go online to the USTF web page at or
call 573-356-0529. The USTF would like to reach even more vets for our April giveaway. The USTF is looking to other stores or
companies to donate pet food for veterans. "In Wars, Hurricanes and Pandemics, the forgotten victims are the dogs and cats. We cannot let that happen
during this crisis." "Our veterans and their families and 4 legged companions need this help" .said Haines.

Kansas Truck driver gets free pet food for his dog and cats, hes a retired US Marine
Female Veteran and family receive pet food
Melinda Jackson, wife of retired USAF vet from Midway Missouri gets dog food thru window "Sgt. Rosie" looks on from inside the USTF SUV
USTF Director Susan Haines with "Sgt. Rosie" on table ready to give out Free Pet Food
Exercise Tiger Logo

Operation Sgt. Rosie

Coronavirus Emergency Pet Initiative For Veterans & Warriors

The USTF's Covid-19 Response & Community Compassion Initiative

"Operation Sgt. Rosie"
(USTF's Emotional Support Therapy K-9, Honary E-5")

The Emergency Dog & Cat Food Giveaway for Veterans

Sponsored by: The Missourian, The USTF & Moser's

FREE To: Veterans, Warriors & Their Families

DATE: Saturday March 28th from 10AM til 3PM or until supplies last. (rain date Sunday March 29th, 10-3PM) Moser's Keene St. Store

LOCATION: Mosers parking lot at Keene St. and I 70 Dr. SE. Drive thru only. All vets to remain inside their vehicles

SUPPLY: Limited Supply, 1 Bag per vehicle per pet. ( Max 2 Bags) Please provide something that indicates you have served. (DD 214, Separation papers, ID card, news articles, Military License plate on vehicle, etc.)

Contact the USTF at 573-356-0529 or at for more info

Exercise Tiger Logo

Ventilator Press Conference at USTF Headquarters

USTF Advocates for Ventilator & Other Initiatives

Hospitals gear up for uptick in COVID-19 cases

    By Grace Nieland and Grace Zokovitch
    Mar 19, 2020

... One organization looking to help hospitals avoid shortages is the Exercise Tiger Association, a veterans' organization in Columbia. At a news conference Thursday, National Executive Director Susan Haines said there aren't enough ventilators in circulation to serve the patients who could be affected in the second or third wave of the pandemic in Columbia. The organization is now advocating for increased ventilator production....

Read the remainder of the article at the MISSOURIAN here - Article Link

Boone County District II Commissioner Janet Thompson speaks at the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation national office with National Executive Director Susan Haines, left, and Columbia Fire Assistant Chief Brad Fraizer, right, on Thursday. Thompson has been in office as commissioner since November 2012.
Susan Haines, executive director of the US Exercise Tiger Foundation, holds up a check from Junior Police Troop 601 from a "Walk for Vets' event held last year while Columbia Fire Assistant Chief Brad Fraizer stands aside Thursday at the national office in Columbia. "The USTF National Office has been placed under the discretion of any city or county agency or department that may need a satellite front-line office," Haines said.
W.J. Domanski, Executive Officer of the US Exercise Tiger Foundation, center, speaks at a news conference with executive director Susan Haines, left, and Columbia Fire Assistant Chief Brad Fraizer, right, Thursday at their Columbia office. The conference was held to share the response the group received from global manufactures of ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pledges ramp up ventilator production to combat coronavirus

   By Mark Slavit
    Thursday, March 19th 2020

COLUMBIA — The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation is a nonprofit organization honoring veterans and the active duty. Foundation members launched a Health Initiative to 4 major International Corporations that make ventilators to make sure that they were ready or were ramping up production. Several other initiatives were introduced Thursday as well to help veterans, families and their four legged companions, dogs and cats.

USTF’s National Director Susan Haines said, “Several weeks ago I had my Executive Officer begin to monitor and to see what steps that the USTF could take to help our veterans, their families and the Mid-Missouri Community during this Covid 19 outbreak” said Haines. What we did was to last week we posted it on our national webpage at “continued Haines. “At a time when we needed to hear good news or positive news we did.” she added.

Pictured: Susan Haines, National Director, Janet Thompson, Boone County Commissioner, Dist 2, Asst. Fire Chief Brad Frasier& Mike Trapp, City of Columbus, Councilman, 2nd Ward, City of Columbia
Pictured: Mike Trapp, City of Columbus, Councilman, 2nd Ward, City of Columbia
Pictured: Susan Haines, United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, National Director

This article and accompanying news story appeared on CBS 13KRCG click here for the link

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USTF's Covid 19 Health Initiative

Ventilators ~ Surge Capability An Open Letter

Attn: GE Healthcare, Becton-Dickinson, RESMED

Dear CEO/Senior Executive, March 11th, 2020

As you three (3) American companies are among the top 10 manufactures of Ventilators, The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation is reaching out to you. As a veterans' organization we are concerned that there may exist a shortage of ventilators that have shown to be vital in the treatment of those with the Corona Virus (Covid 19).

The USTF is a National Non-Profit veterans foundation based in Missouri. For the past 32 years, the USTF has honored veterans and members of the active duty military and guard as well as their families. Please visit our national web site at or USTF.US to verify this.

Due to the Corona Virus (Covid 19), many of our veterans that we have honored and continue to honor are in the high risk category These are the nations' veterans from WW II, Korea and Vietnam. They are all in the 65 to 95 age range. Other veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are not immune either.

It has come to our attention that the use of ventilators are a primary part of the treatment to those who have the worst symptoms and need to be hospitalized. According to the CDC, 47 - 71 % of those needing to be hospitalized with severe symptoms need to be on ventilators. This is also the case with what we have seen in China and Italy with their cases.

According to our research and public medical experts, there currently exist some 75,000 ventilators in the US. And, currently there is not a demand that cannot be met. However, should any hospital or any state be overwhelmed with Covid 19 cases needing ICU and ventilators there may be shortages.

The USTF is taking the initiative to:
1. Make each of you aware of the need for more ventilators in a worst case scenario.
2. That your company should reach out to your contacts in the US government or health service to begin discussions should a surge of ventilators be needed.
3. To ensure our nations' veterans that your company is ready to ramp up production (if you haven't already) of ventilators and to assist with the nations' hospitals with this vitally needed machine.

In closing, I'm sure you understand our concern on this matter as it effects our nations' most prized possessions, our veterans, our warriors, and their families. We encourage you to consider our initiative as an All Hands On Deck by your companies to be prepared to meet this virus threat. Our veterans, our warriors deserve no less, nor due their families or any other member of the United States.

It falls to the almost heroic nature of US Industry, that in times of war or a threat as Covid 19, to rise to the occasion and to provide a solution. When it comes to this problem, of a possible shortage of ventilators, I am sure that your company will meet our nations' needs as did our corporations that produced Navy warships and LST's in World War Two. Call it "Operation Ventilators for Veterans" if you will, but please be on top of what could be a coming problem.

A copy of this letter is being forwarded to all members of US Congress, Senate and our contacts at the Pentagon that the USTF works with, so that they to are included in this discussion and are aware of this health initiative.

We look forward to hearing from a member of your senior staff to assure the USTF that you indeed can tackle this.

Susan C. Haines
National Executive Director

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USTF’s Corona Virus Response

National Office Update Upcoming Events & Ceremonies

Due to the Corona Virus Outbreak the following actions are being taken by the USTF.

The following ceremonies, tributes, and events have been modified or cancelled to mitigate any spread of the Covid 19 Virus to the public, veterans, warriors or elected officials and their families.

The Media is invited to take pics (Photo Op) so that events can still be covered and reported. Just as the 8 LST's did on April 28 1944, we can still carry out the mission of honoring them yet take precautions not to put anyone in harms way.

Major Ceremonies:

April 28, 2020

1. National Commemoration Day "Battle of Exercise Tiger" Sate & National Ceremony April 28,2020 Formal Public Tribute at the Missouri Exercise Tiger Army & Navy Anchor Memorial, Public Event Cancelled. (A Wreath will still be placed at the memorial by USTF Senior Staff and brief remarks from SECNAV will be read. 10 AM)

2. USCG Wreath Tributes: "Battle of Exercise Tiger" & Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal USCG Wreath Tribute at USCG Station Barnegat Light will take place at 10 AM. (NJ Submarine Assoc. Director & USTF Ambassador to participate). This is the 32nd straight year of this honor, now the longest in USCG history.
Public Event, Cancelled internal ceremony only

3. USCG Other Wreath Tributes: Other USCG assets will also take part in laying wreaths on April 28th, 2020 with active duty personnel only. (9th year)

4. USTF National Office Tribute: A Wreath Tribute will take place at the USTF National Office located at The Walnut Building, Columbia Missouri 10AM
(Only USTF National Director & Executive Officer will take part)

June 6th, 2020

5. Missouri D-Day Tribute 76th Anniversary of D-Day Tribute in Mid-Missouri
USTF at the Boone County War Memorial 11AM Reception at USTF HQ Noon til 2PM Event Pending

October/November , 2020 Date TBD

6. Adopt A Warrior The National Adopt A Warrior Honors Weekend USTF's 22nd annual event/Awards Banquet Event Pending

Minor Ceremonies & Events:

March 17th, 2020

7. St Patrick's Day "Shamrocks for Veterans" in Mid- Missouri

At the USTF National HQ 10-5PM
Event Cancelled

March 29th, 2020

8. National Vietnam War Veterans Day USTF Vietnam War Wreath Tribute

at Boone County War Memorial, Columbia Mo. Public Event Cancelled
(Wreath will be placed by USTF Sr.Staff & Vietnam Vet wreath will also be placed at USTF National Office)

May 25, 2020

9. Memorial Day Tribute Boone County War Memorial
Columbia Mo. Event Pending

10. Memorial Day Open House USTF National Office

The Walnut Building, Columbia Mo. Coffee & Reception at USTF HQ following Mem. Day Tribute Event Pending

July 4th, 2020

11. July 4th Independence Day USTF Hospitality House For Veterans
Medals & Citations plus coffee and refreshments
The Walnut Building, Columbia Mo. 10AM –6PM
Event Pending

August 2020

12. USTF Staff Vacations USTF Staff Vacations - Pending

September 11, 2020

13. 9/11 National Remembrance Day USTF National Office Tribute To 9/11
Wreath Presentation at USTF HQ

The Walnut Building, Columbia Mo. 10AM
Event Pending

November 11th 2020

14. Veterans Day Tribute ROTC Vigil at Boone County War Memorial
USTF provides Large Wreath (20 years)
Coffee & Cake Reception at USTF HQ to follow
Event Pending

This will be updated as needed. Media, Officials, Vets, & Active Duty should contact the USTF or call the National Office at 573-356-0529

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Jim Knapp receives the American Warrior Achievement Medal

Operation Valentine's for Veterans - USTF Sponsors Special Program

Jim Knapp receives the American Warrior Achievement Medal from an officer of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation on Friday at the foundation's office in the Walnut Building. Knapp received the medal for his deployment during Operation Desert Storm in 1990 in Iraq. "I normally don't get dragged into these things, but it is a real honor," Knapp said.

This image and article orginally appeared in the "Missorian" by SAMANTHA WAIGAND/MISSOURIAN Feb 14, 2020

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Open House & Grand Opening of New Office a "Historic Day"

Exercise Tiger Foundation unveils new national office in Columbia

Our new office opening was a big success, for more information please follow the below link to the article in the "MISSOURIAN"

'Historic day': Exercise Tiger Foundation unveils new national office in Columbia, BY TRAN NGUYEN Dec 31, 2019 - Veterans, public officials and Columbia first responders braced the cold Monday morning to celebrate the unveiling of the Exercise Tiger Foundation's new national office at the Walnut Building.

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The USTF Official Ribbon Cutting of the New USTF National Office

& Holiday Open House - Invitation to the USTF's "The West Wing"

December 30th from 9am to 1pm -
The Walnut Building, Suite 200 (Located in Downtown Columbia In the Heart of Boone County)

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation Invites you to The Official Ribbon Cutting & Holiday Open House to be held on December 30th, 2019 of the USTF's New National Office Located in the "West Wing" of the The Walnut Building (Suite 200, 1st Floor)

Ribbon Cutting with Officials - 9-9:30 AM
Open House Follows Until 1 pm
Coffee and Lite Food will be served.

Special Opening Givaways:
The First 25 Veterans or members of the Public will recieve special USTF Coffee Mugs.

All veterans attending will recieve certificates and medals for service,

The USTF, Honoring Our State & Nations vets from Missouri's top County and 4th Largest City.

Veterans organization to host open house, wreath laying ceremony by TRISTEN ROUSE Dec 27, 2019 - The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation will celebrate the opening of its new national office at 1001 E. Walnut Street on Monday.

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21st Annual National Adopt A Warrior Honors Program

Friday November 15th, 5PM  Tiger Hotel, Columbia Missouri

21st annual national adopt a warrior honors ceremony logo

21st Annual National Adopt A Warrior Honors Program
Friday November 15th, 5PM Tiger Hotel, Columbia Missouri

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation cordially invites you to...

The 21st Annual National Adopt A Warrior Honors Ceremony

To be held on
Friday, November 15, 2019

in the Grand Ballroom of the Historic Tiger Hotel at 23 South 8th Street, Columbia, MO

5:30 p.m. social and 6:30 p.m. saber arch introductions

Mess dress/formal attire requested. $35.00 per person

Please RSVP (Fax: 573.449.8069) with banquet response form below or call our office at 573.356.0529 to order tickets.

2019 Adopt a warrior honors banquet
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Watch Missouri Governor Michael L. Parson's Statements

in regards to the 2019 Adopt A Warrior Honors Program

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Our D-Day Remembrance Ceremony Was a Great Success...

Read an Article on the Event at the "Missourian"


The old and the new:
Veterans, civilians honor anniversary of D-Day

Not just any prayer would do to open Columbia's D-Day remembrance ceremony. So Navy Lt. Sean Roberts addressed the crowd at the Boone County Courthouse with the words Franklin Roosevelt spoke over the radio to the American people on the evening of June 6, 1944.

Read the full article at the Missourian...

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D-Day & WWII vets to be recognized at Special D-Day Wreath Tribute

On 75th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6th

"Heroes of The Greatest Generation To Be Remembered In Missouri" Boone County Missouri and the USTF Veterans' Foundation are Ceremony Sponsors

Columbia Missouri: The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation based in Columbia, and the Boone County (Mo) Commission is looking for any WW II vets that were in D-Day or went into France from the Normandy Beaches. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. A special D-Day Wreath Tribute and Remembrance will take place at the Boone County Courthouse WW II War Memorial at 11 AM on June 6th. It is open to the public and ALL veterans. Any D-Day vet planning to attend should call the USTF at 573-356-0529. "We chose 11 AM as it is 5PM at Normandy France, and by that time 75 years ago the US troops and allies had secured all landing beaches. Only Omaha Beach still had ongoing combat, but the outcome was no longer in doubt." said Susan Haines of the USTF. " Corn fed Missouri boys from Boone County and Columbia became men on that day, and we as a community can never forget what that Generation did for us". Their legacy to the world was that of freedom from dictatorship and tyranny" she added.

Special D-Day certificates will be given out free to all veterans who attend or family members of those lost in WW II or on D-Day. Flowers will be provided
to ALL that may then lay them following the wreath placements at the Boone County WWII Memorial Wall to honor those lost 75 years ago or in any war.

All 3 Boone County Commissioners will be taking part in the tribute. Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwell, Janet Thompson and Fred Parry will place the main 6 foot wreath honoring those from Boone County and Columbia who died on June 6th in 1944 and those who survived to help defeat Nazi Germany.

This special Tribute is part of the larger National D-Day Tribute being held throughout the nation next Thursday. ..but is one of only a handful of D-Day events being held in Missouri.

The event is being co-sponsored by the USTF and the Boone County Commission to honor this historic date in US and World History. "Time and age has taken its toll on these heroes of World War II, we may not have much time left to honor them and their legacy of a free world" stated Susan Haines the USTF Executive Director. "The DOD has asked its partner non-profit organizations to honor the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, and we at the USTF are

very proud to join with the Boone County Commissioners to have them place the main wreath and to honor our Boone County heroes this way" Haines added. Three additional wreaths will be presented by members of the military honoring each branch of the armed services that took part on June 6th.

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Looking forward to Tiger Day - April 28th, 2019

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Operation Tiger Ceremony Coming Up In Mexico

Story as featured on KXEO AM1340

April 26, 2019 By KXEO

A ceremony honoring the 75th anniversary of World War II Operation Tiger will take place on the Mexico square on Sunday afternoon at 1:00.

The event will feature the National Anthem being performed by the Missouri Military Academy band, words honoring Sergeant Gerrit Peters of the U.S. Army killed in Operation Tiger on April 28, 1944.

A bell will toll for the 6 Audrain County men that lost their lives that day.

The sounds of a 21 gun salute will culminate with a flyover of a U.S. Navy TBM Avenger Bomber plane.

Operation Tiger was a massive dress rehearsal for the invasion of Normandy. It took place on Slapton Sands, a beach in southwest England.

A German patrol fleet was in the English Channel and launched an attack. Operation Tiger remained a government secret for nearly 40 years.

In total, 749 U.S. servicemen died, including 201 from Missouri.

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WWII 'Battle of Exercise Tiger' remembered in Audrain County

Story as featured on CBS 12KRCG

Members of the military and Audrain County community members displayed wreaths to honor the soldiers killed during "Exercise Tiger". (Tommy Sladek KRCG 13)

by Tommy Sladek - Sunday, April 29th 2018

MEXICO — Members of the Audrain County community came together over the weekend to remember the Battle of Exercise Tiger.

A World War II rehearsal for D-Day gone wrong. A lack of communication and coordination resulted in both hundreds of friendly-fire deaths and attacks from German E-boats. 201 Missourians were killed.

An Exercise Tiger memorial sits outside the Audrain County Courthouse in Mexico.

Those who spoke at the ceremony on Saturday said had it not been for the exercise, and the changes made to communication thereafter, D-Day might have turned out very differently.

Attendees also honored the victims of the Toronto van attack. The attack killed 10 people on April 23.

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USTF Kicks off 2019 with Commemoration Ceremony

in Midwestern town Chillicothe, MO. Honoring Veterans from

WWII to current conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan

An event honoring 30 local veterans will be held at 6:30 p.m., Thursday at the VFW/American Legion Hall in Chillicothe.

On March 21, nearly 30 Northwest Missouri veterans spanning WWII to the present Iraq and Afghanistan Campaigns will be honored by the Columbia based United States Exercise Tiger Foundation (USTF) starting at 6:30 p.m., March 21, at the Chillicothe American Legion/VFW 858 Post located at 1400 N. Washington St. The "Twilight Tribute " event will kick-off the events leading up to the D-Day Tribute and 75th Anniversary of both D-Day and the deadly training mission code named "Tiger" in April of 1944.

"These medals and awards are long overdue", said Susan Haines, the USTF national director.

There will be 15 Vietnam veterans honored with a special Department of Defense Commemoration pins and a citations as well as the Medal Of Combat Valor. "They may have been overlooked in the 1970′s but on Thursday they won't! And let me say to ALL Vietnam vets reading this, on behalf of the USTF and DOD, WELCOME HOME!" added Haines.

The USTF is the Missouri based National Foundation that since 1989 has commemorated the Pre-D-Day naval training mission code named "Tiger". On April 28th 1944, eight US Navy LST's (made up stream in Illinois along the Mississippi) loaded with 4000 men and tanks were practicing the invasion tactics when German Navy warships attacked without warning. Two of the LST's were sunk and a third crippled. Of the 4000 man force one-fourth was lost. And, D-Day was almost canceled.

USTF staff and organizers encourage any D-Day or Normandy Beach veterans to attend the Thursday event. If possible they are asked to contact USTF before the event by calling Walter at 573-356-0529.

It was during this little known battle, that the state of Missouri would lose more men than at any other time in WWII. The US Army's 3206th Quartermaster Company (Truck) was made up of Missouri and some Kansas soldiers. The unit, some 250 soldiers ceased to exist by dawn as all but a handful were killed in the attack. The USTF honors these men every April at the Missouri State Army & Navy Anchor Memorial in Audrain County at the Courthouse.

"The USTF keeps their legacy alive by honoring ALL vets who go overlooked" said Haines.

"That Others May be Honored " is what they do, and on Thursday March 21, two dozen more proud American warriors from Northwest Missouri will be recognized for their selfless service to our state and nation.

(Link to article)

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USTF sincerely appreciates the generous donations from the families and friends in memory of WWII Exercise Tiger Veteran,Vincent Ricciardi, Sr 96

Dennisport/Worcester - Vincent F Ricciardi, Sr. 96 of Dennis Port, formerly of Worcester, passed away Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 surrounded by family. (Link to original article at Chillicothe News

Vincent was born in Worcester, one of twelve children of Vito and Teresa (DeFalco) Ricciardi. He graduated from Commerce High, and joined the U.S. Navy during World War II, serving his country proudly in Europe taking part in the invasion of Utah beach during D-Day. Upon discharge from the Navy, Vincent married the "Love of his life" Mary Rinaldo and began their 60-year life of love raising their family. Vincent was appointed to the Worcester Fire Department and began his 30 plus year career on Hose 9 and retiring from South Division as Lieutenant of Ladder 2 in 1974. They continued to live in Worcester until moving to their summer home in Dennis Port on Cape Cod in 2000.

Vincent a patriotic world war II Navy veteran of the "Greatest Generation" was a member of the Eastside Improvement Club, the Eastside Post 201 American legion, and Italian American Veterans of Foreign wars Post 3. Notably, Vincent was a part of a little-known Naval exercise named Exercise Tiger, prior to the invasion of D-Day, celebrating its anniversary each April at Fort Tabor in New Bedford the honoree placing the wreath each year. He was also honored to take part on an Honor Flight New England trip to Washington DC visiting the World War II and other memorials. Vincent also loved to golf when he could and found many enjoyable rounds everyday at Green Hill and the courses of the Cape, Dennis Pines and Highlands among others.

Friends and relatives are invited to attend calling hours Friday, February 1st, 2019, from 4 pm to 7 pm in the MERCADANTE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL, 370 Plantation St. his funeral will be celebrated Saturday, February 2nd from the funeral home with a procession to St Anne's Church, 130 Boston Turnpike Rd Shrewsbury where his mass of Christian burial will be held at 10:00 am. Burial with military honors will follow in St John's Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial remembrances in his name can be made to EXERCISE TIGER FOUNDATION, c/o Abrams Company Burt's Knights USABOT, 162 Summer Street, Arlington, MA 02474 or the Honor Flight New England, P.O. Box 16287, Hooksett NH 03106.

The Ricciardi family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Doctor's and staff of Cape Cod Hospital Muger unit 3 for the care, comfort and compassion they gave to our father during a difficult time.
Published in Worcester Telegram & Gazette from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, 2019

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20th Annual USTF National Adopt a Warrior Banquet

The event held on Friday November 9th, 2018, in the historic Tiger Hotel Ballroom, was an amazing success! We look forward to honoring our troops again in 2019!

Download the PDF of this poster here...

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Adopt A Warrior Nominations

Additional information pertaining to the event will be posted regularly.



This is our 20th Straight Year of Adopting America’s Outstanding Military Warriors!!

On behalf of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, I am honored to request of you and your staff
to submit names for the 2018 National “Adopt A Warrior” Awards Banquet and Recognition
Weekend to be held November 9-10, 2018 ~ in Columbia, Missouri.

FOR YEARS, the ‘Adopt A Warrior Program’ sponsored by the U.S. Exercise Tiger
Foundation has honored outstanding members of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast
Guard, National Guard, and  Air Force.  We again look to you and your units to submit qualified honorees.
We are partners with local and regional businesses to provide a fitting tribute to each honoree. 
Additionally, Members of Congress, U.S. Senate, City officials, the Governor and the Pentagon
all participate to individually honor the selected servicemen and women ... even a  K9.

Our MWD or combat K9 award is a unique honor which has been bestowed on USAF, USCG and
US Army K9 in the past.  If your unit has K9 please submit a nomination as well. The dog handler is part of
the ‘team’ and is honored along side his or her dog.

Another highlight is the presentation of the Medal of Combat Valor. This, our highest medal, goes to
those who have been in combat or a combat area as defined by the DoD. If you wish to have your
selectee honored recognized, please see our criteria list or contact us directly.  Those who have been 
deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, or against the ISIS threat, usually meet part of the criteria.  Direct or indirect
combat engagement with an enemy is ideal.  An example using USAF and Navy air assets would be if a pilot
or crew engaged and fired upon ISIS targets (that would meet the criteria).

To speed up the process, please use your criteria for choosing airmen of the quarter, your outstanding enlisted
personnel of the quarter, officer of the quarter, NCO of the quarter… those who have gone above and beyond
the call of duty.

The University of Missouri Athletic Department partners with us in sponsoring the “Adopt A Warrior”
weekend. The honorees who are chosen by a Selection Committee for the weekend will be asked to
participate in the Military Service Wreath Presentation on Faurot Field prior to the football game kick-off on
Saturday November 10, and represent their respective unit and military branch.   The University of 
Missouri has scheduled a ‘military recognition theme’ for this home football game against Vanderbilt.  A Friday,
November 9 (time to be announced) rehearsal is necessary for all honorees for proper field formation, so that they
know their position on the football field for the ceremony because there will be an intense amount of activity 
happening  on the football field at the same time.

It is imperative that the selected honorees be available and present for this event to represent their units
on Faurot Field, on the University of Missouri Campus in Columbia, MO on Saturday, November 10, 2018.
Short bios are required for pre-recording of the nominees’ accomplishments, to be announced over the UMC
PA system during this pre-game ceremony.  These bios should accompany the nomination packets and be
written in laymen’s language, (abbreviations are difficult to decipher and could create misrepresentation).

The contact information for every nominee should be included with the nominees’ packet to include: best phone
(cell) number to be reached at any time, email address, postal mailing address, as well as the same information 
for their commanding officer.  The commanding officers are also invited to attend the honors banquet as they
will receive a unit award, and the football game to represent their units.  The honorees will be our special guests
at an honors/awards banquet on Friday evening, November 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.  Location TBD.
Formal attire is requested.

Nominees from each military branch are highly considered.

The honorees are selected by a Selection Committee, comprised of a panel of veterans and association members.
This Committee  will be looking at nominee application packets that include:

-3 bullets on outstanding job performance in country and while deployed (be sure to  include all medals or ribbons
      earned especially during deployment)

-2 bullets on significant accomplishments in leadership and education of junior troops/cadets

-2 bullets on community involvement

The chosen nominees receive:
~ state and national recognition
~  Friday evening honors banquet
~ Saturday morning breakfast/brunch sponsored by local merchant
~ hotel accommodations (for those residing out of commutable distance)
~ tickets to MU  football game
~ various gifts, gift certificates, items from state dignitaries and local merchants

The deadline for nominations is September 20, 2018 @ 1700 hours, as the 
Selection Committee will be meeting immediately to make their final decisions.
Please send electronically to:  or fax

Special Note to Commanding Officers:

This invitation is also extended to the commanding officers (and his/her guest), of the selected
awardees to join us for the honors banquet to be held on 9 November 2018 in Columbia, MO.
Please provide your mailing addresses for formal invitations. Please plan to join the Adopted Warriors
for the military recognition football game on 10 November at Faurot Field, UMC Campus, Columbia,
MO. We would like to have command recognition from your military branch/unit.  We are proud of all
our military men and women, and want to compliment them for their career commitment and thank
them in front of the attending crowd at the football game.
Formal invitations will be sent, please provide your best mailing address as response forms
accompanying the invitations will need to be filled out and returned.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Visit our website for further


Susan C. Haines
National Executive Director
U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation
1005 Cherry St., Ste. 211 B
Columbia, MO  65201
Ph. 1-573-356-0529 national office
1-877-WW2- TIGR 
(573-356-3093 Susan’s cell)

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Tiger Foundation touts Tina the turkey

From the Columbia Daily Tribute, Posted on July 18, 2018

Several Columbians and two local companies received awards for their involvement with Tina the Turkey. The awards were given by the United States Tiger Foundation on Wednesday at Postal Express in the Forum shopping center. The USTF gives the Animal Legacy Award to service dogs and other K-9s that have died. The USTF sponsors over 45 awards for veterans and decided to give Tina the urban Turkey and her followers an award. Front from left: Elizabeth Groth, Lacy Presmeier, Diane Maxwell and Susan Haines, national executive director of the United States Tiger Foundation (USTF). Back row from left: Staff adjutant director of the USTF; Doug Brooks, business development of American Document Solutions; Robyn McMullem; and Bailey Barnes, of Ultra Max Sports and Apparel. [Don Shrubshell/Tribune]

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Mexico hosts 30th National Ceremony for the "Battle of Exercise Tiger"

From the Vandalia Leader, Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 10:21 am

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation National Tribute took place at the Missouri Exercise Tiger Army and Navy Anchor Memorial outside the Audrain County Courthouse in Mexico on Saturday, April 28. This was the 30th National Ceremony commemorating the WWII “Battle of Exercise Tiger.”
The ceremony began with the National Anthem sung by Scott Weber, of Audrain County. After which, the Missouri Military Academy Cadets presented the Posting of the Colors.
Mexico City Council Member Dr. Ayanna Shivers gave the welcome as did Audrain County Presiding Commissioner Steve Hobbs.
Hobbs noted that it had been about 20 years since the memorial was established at the Courthouse and was moved in 2014.
Remarks were read that were sent in by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.
USTF National Director Susan C. Hains talked on the two words “General Orders.”
She read remarks about the tank landing ships (LST) and what took place 74 years ago during the historic World War II battle.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: The Vandalia Leader - Click here...

See the Ceremony on YouTube by Clicking Here...

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Vietnam veterans get historic monument in Barnegat: 'This is home'

Nearly three years ago, Thy Cavagnaro set off on a mission: find every Vietnam War veteran in Barnegat and thank him for his service.

Without them, she says she would not have survived. Cavagnaro's family fled Saigon on April 30, 1975 — hours before the Communist forces captured the South Vietnamese capital — and took refuge in the United States. She was a little over 1 year old at the time.

Cavagnaro, now 44, of Barnegat, gave thanks to hundreds of Vietnam veterans Thursday, unveiling what may be the country's first Vietnam veterans monument created by a Vietnamese refugee.

"You helped keep Communists away from our neighborhoods in Vietnam," she told hundreds of veterans and supporters Thursday afternoon at Gazebo Park in Barnegat, "and you made sure we had safe passage to your own country when we lost ours."

Wearing a long yellow and red dress, designed like the South Vietnamese flag, Cavagnaro lifted the white cover and revealed a 21-by-28-inch black plaque, which she and her husband James purchased. In large white letters, the monument says "welcome home."


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National Vietnam War Veterans Day in
Barnegat Township, New Jersey

Lucy Noland FOX 29 - March 30, 2018

As his eyes swam in tears, he wrapped his burly arms around the petite woman in the traditional Vietnamese dress. His face flush with the emotion of the moment, he whispered, "Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

That Vietnam Veteran and hundreds of his colleagues had just witnessed perhaps the most heartfelt "thank you" they had ever heard for their service overseas. It happened on the first ever National Vietnam War Veterans Day in the quaint Barnegat Township, New Jersey.

Saigon was falling in the spring of 1975. The communists were storming in. Thy Cavagnaro was a tiny girl, her brother just days old when their family escaped on her uncle's minesweeper in the early morning hours of April 30th. Thy says four hours after they set out, South Vietnam's president told his nation to lay down their guns. It was over.

Read the remainder of the story and see the video on Facebook here...

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USTF National Director To Attend Vietnam Veterans
Memorial Dedication in Barnegat On National Vietnam
Veterans Day, March 29th

Susan Haines, the USTF National Executive Director will be attending and speaking at the historic dedication of the Nation's First Vietnam Veterans Memorial created by a Vietnamese refugee. Thy "Tee" Cavagnaro and her husbands James have created a special Welcome Home Memorial to US Veterans who served in Vietnam. As a little girl Thy escaped the fall of Saigon on the RVN Warship Chi Lang II. The escape to the US Navy Base at Subic Bay was a daring and heroic dash. Her uncle was the ship's captain. The USTF will be presenting special unit awards to honor that ship. And as a DOD partner will be pinning Vietnam War Veterans. Thy Cavagnaro, as a little girl said one day she's honor those US troops who fought in her country. On March 29th, National Vietnam Veterans day, she will.
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Operation Intrepid Eagle" Lands In Fla.
Joint USTF – USAF Honor Mission From Missouri

Concludes with Flags & Medals Presentation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS

Parkland Florida Monday March 12th.

On Monday March 12th" Operation Intrepid Eagle" officially landed in Florida. And MSGT
Brandon Elliot, the USAF Honor Escort from Missouri's 358th Fighter Squadron based at
Whiteman AFB, concluded hid mission of honor.

MSGT Elliot along with MSGT David Leskovic and FSGT Christina Kelly of the 367th FS
out based at Homestead AFB, Florida, handed over the box containing the Medals Of Combat
Valor and US Flags flown by the 303rd FS "The KC Hawks" a partner unit with "The Lobo's"
of the 358th. Also, a B-2 bomber of the 509th Bomb Wing also flew the flags to honor the
three fallen cadets.

The Distinguished Unit Award and Flag Citations were presented to the JROTC's lead
Instructor, First Sgt John Navarra, US Army ret. By MSGT Elliot at the Marjory Stoneman
Douglass hallway near where the shooting took place 4 weeks ago . The same hallway that
his three cadets bravely faced the gunman and where other students died.

"This was a noble and historic joint mission by the non-profit USTF and the USAF" said
Susan Haines, The USTF's National Executive Director. "We honor our nations warriors,
whether they are cadets or troops serving in Iraq or the Afghanistan War." She added.

"For these three, Cadets, Petty, Duque, and Wang, their war was in their own homeland,
and combat was in their own high school. But they were no less courageous when they faced
an enemy" Haines concluded.

And for that, these three cadets received The Medal Of Combat Valor.

Operation Intrepid Eagle depicts the flags, flag certificates flown by the 509th Bomb Wing and 358th Fighter Squadron,the Medals of Combat Valor, and JROTC Unit Award. All flags and awards were from the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, presented to SMSgt Andrew VanHouten at the press conference Thursday March 1, 2018.
The honorable presentation of the awards and flags to First Sgt. John V. Navarra, M.A.Ed., MBA Army Instructor, JROTC at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by MSgt. Brandon Elliott, 358th Fighter Squadron, UASF, Whiteman AFB The awards will be presented at an 'Awards Assembly' at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this spring.
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Operation Intrepid Eagle The Medals of Combat Valor
Honor Mission to Florida

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Operation Intrepid Eagle The Historic Joint USTF & USAF Honor Mission Starts at Press Conference at USTF National Office in Columbia Missouri

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Medals of Combat Valor Sent to Slain Florida JROTC Cadets
– The USAF Honor Journey Begins

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Press Conference Coverage of Medals of Valor
To Fallen Florida JROTC Cadets Peter Wang, Alaina Petty
and Martin Duque by USTF and USAF

Dateline Columbia: MO. March 1st 2018

Senior Master Sargent Andrew Van Houten of the USAF's 358th Fighter Squadron, "The
Fightin' Lobo's" from Whiteman AFB in Missouri answers questions at the USTF's press
conference and 'hand over' ceremony held in Columbia, Missouri, on Thursday March 1st
at the USTF's National Office lobby in the Stephens Building. Prior to the opening of the press
conference, Haines briefed the USAF Officers on the significance of the awards. The noble mission
by the USAF's 358th FS is their part in honoring the three fallen cadets from Stoneman Douglas
High Schools JROTC program. They will transport the medals with a uniformed master
Sergeant to Parkland Florida.

The 358th FS, is a fighter squadron that fly's the A10's. Known as "Warthogs" the A10 Fighter is a highly specialized ground attack plane. The 358th part of the 442nd FW have taken part in actions against the ISIS threat while deployed. The Fightn' Lobos of the 358th are one of the nation's top units.

"Whether in combat or compassion, no one flies higher than the 358th" said National
Executive Director Susan Haines. The press briefing had several mid Missouri print, radio
and TV reporters cover the event. Numerous citizens also watched the historic moment
when The Medals of Combat Valor and plaques were boxed and taken by the USAF
sergeants from the 358th FS to begin their journey from Missouri to Florida with an USAF
Honor Guard.

Haines said, "It was no ordinary box, and the 358th was no ordinary fighter squadron,
they were no ordinary cadets."

(Pictured at left: Peter Wang, Alaina Petty and Martin Duque)

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Florida JROTC Cadets to receive Medals Of Valor Posthumously
USTF Partners with USAF's 358th FS "The Lobo's"

"Operation Intrepid Eagle" Begins with Press Conference

Dateline Missouri: 1 March 2018, USTF National Office, Columbia Missouri.
One of The USAFs top Fighter Squadrons, The "Lobos" of the 358th FS to transport and provide honor escort for the Medals Of Combat Valor from the United States Exercise Tiger
Foundation ( USTF), to the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School where three JROTC
cadets were killed several weeks ago. "Today, a journey begins of a very special box of
medals, escorted by a very special USAF unit" Said Susan Haines at the opening of the
USTF's press conference and medal handoff to the air force.

"This is a historic and noble mission " said Susan Haines, the USTF National Executive
Director. No USAF unit has ever performed this honor. The United States Air Force
partners with the USTF to provide transport and escort from Missouri to the Florida
JROTC unit's instructor, SGT John Navarra at the MS Douglass High School.

Cadets Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, and Martin Duque have been awarded the USTF's highest
Award, The Medal Of Combat Valor. This medal is given to veterans, active duty and members
of the National Guard who have been deployed to combat zones or war. " For those three
cadets their combat zone was in their own high school, and their war lasted 7 minutes" said
Susan Haines USTF National Director. "When courage counted most those three faced evil
and did their best to save and help fallen students." she added. "They felt that they had a
duty at that point, and they didn't even think about it. It became automatic" said SMSGT Andrew
Van Houten of the 358th FS who accepted the medals at the Thursday March 1st Press Briefing.

With the handover of the medals and award plaques to SMSGT Van Houten and SGT Ira Hogg
"Operation Intrepid Eagle" was underway. "Whether in combat or compassion, no one flies higher
than the "Lobo's" of the 358th" said Haines.

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Air Force Reserve Unit to Escort Valor Medals & Flags
to Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Florida
The " Lobo's" of the 358th Fighter Squadron to
Perform Historic USAF Honor Mission

Columbia Mo: On Thursday at 10:30 AM the journey of 3 Medals of Combat Valor along
With MCV Citation Plaques will begin a journey from the Midwest to the United States
Southeast coast. A 40lb box unlike no other, will be picked up by members of the United
States Air Force at the USTF National Office at the Stephens Bldg in Downtown Columbia.

"We are calling it "Operation Intrepid Eagle, The Medals of Valor Flight To Florida" said Susan Haines,
the USTF Executive Director. "The name refers to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School JROTC "Eagle Battalion" which lost the three cadets which we are honoring. "Intrepid comes from the 'intrepid' spirit that those cadets acted with bravery and courage that day. And Operation as this is now a USAF mission of honor. It is also historic.

A nationally recognized honors foundation and distinguished combat unit from the heart of the Midwest have teamed up to honor 3 fallen cadets in the Florida shooting. What is essentially a USAF Honors Detail will take possession of the medals and box and stay with it until it reaches the MS Douglas High School JROTC unit in Florida.

"When courage counted most, those three JROTC Cadets, Peter Wang, Alaina Petty and Martin Duque answered that call. We can do no less than to honor their sacrifice" said Haines.

That honor began on Thursday When SMSGT Andrew Van Houten and SGT Ira Hogg accepted
the box with medals at the USTF Press Conference and transfer ceremony.
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Missouri military foundation honors JROTC
students killed in school shooting

Thursday, March 01, 2018 1:10:00 PM CST in News By: Rob Veno, KOMU 8 Reporter

COLUMBIA - The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation has sent three Medals of Combat Valor to honor the Junior ROTC students killed in the Parkland school shooting. Witnesses said Peter Wang, Alaina Petty and Martin Duque all died helping fellow students escape.

"We feel that to recognize their valor and to recognize their intrepid deeds is very very important," said USTF National Executive Director Susan Haines

KOMU Channel 8 NEWS

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(Please click here for the PDF version of this release)

WHAT:                      Press Conference & Medals of Valor Pick Up By USAFR
WHERE:                   USTF National Office, (in Lobby) Stephens Bldg, 1005 Cherry St
WHEN:                     Thursday, March 1st, 10:30 AM
CONTACT:               Susan C. Haines National Executive Director 573-356-3093
                                   Staff Adjutant at 609-713-5542
                                   358 FS USAF MSGT Andrew VanHouten 660-233-0596 c
                                   LTC J. Parvin 660-687-3106
MEDIA:                    Send TV Crew/Reporters/Photographers to Cover Event

Operation Intrepid Eagle, The Medals Of Valor Flight To Florida
Begins On Thursday with USAF Pick Up of Medals In Downtown Columbia
Historic USAF Honor Mission to Fallen 3 Cadets In Florida Shooting

Columbia Mo. - On Thursday at 10:30 AM the journey of 3 Medals of Combat Valor along with MCV Citation Plaques will begin a journey from the Midwest to the United States Southeast coast. A 40lb box unlike no other, will be picked up by members of the United States Air Force at the USTF National Office at the Stephens Bldg in Downtown Columbia.
“We are calling it “Operation Intrepid Eagle, The Medals of Valor Flight To Florida” said Susan Haines, the USTF Executive Director.  “The name refers to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School JROTC “Eagle Battalion” which lost the three cadets which we are honoring. “Intrepid comes from the ‘intrepid’ spirit that those cadets acted with bravery and courage that day. And Operation as this is now a USAF mission of honor. It is also historic. A nationally recognized honors foundation and distinguished combat unit from the heart of the Midwest have teamed up to honor 3 fallen cadets in the Florida shooting. What is essentially a USAF Honors Detail will take possession of the medals and box and stay with it until it reaches the MS Douglas High School JROTC unit in Florida.
When courage counted most, those three JROTC Cadets, Peter Wang, Alaina Petty and Martin Duque answered that call. We can do no less than to honor their sacrifice” said Haines.
That honor begins on Thursday

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(Please click here for the PDF version of this release)

WHAT:                      Medals Of Valor To 3 Fallen Army JROTC Cadets Killed
                                    in Florida High School Shooting by USTF
WHERE:                    Transported To JROTC Unit at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS
                                    Via USAF Honor Detail From 358 Fighter Squadron
How:                            Operation Intrepid Eagle, The medals Of Valor Flight To Fla.
WHEN:                      March 1st Thursday 10:30 AM Stephens Bldg Lobby (USTF Office)
CONTACT:                Susan Haines, Director, at 573-356-3093 or
                                    or Staff Adjutant at 609-713-5542 
MEDIA NOTE:          Fact Check: or  
                                   358th FS MSGT Andrew Van Houten - 660-233-0596
                                   or LTC J. Parvin USAF - 660-687-3106
                                   Also Justin Klocke, US Sen. McCaskells office - 573-442-7130

Missouri  Veterans Foundation Honors 3 Fallen Army JROTC Cadets
With Medal ‘s Of Valor Missouri USAF Fighter Sqdn. To Take Medals To Florida

Columbia Mo. - On Tuesday February 27th the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation (USTF) sent three Medals of Combat Valor and plaque citations to honor the 3 Army JROTC Cadets killed in the Feb 14th Florida High School attack in Parkland. “Operation Intrepid Eagle, The Medals of Valor Flight To Florida” is what this is being called said Susan Haines, the USTF National Director. In a historic mission, The United States Air Force’s 358th Fighter Squadron based at Whiteman AFB will pick up the 40 lb box at the USTF’s National Office located at the Stephens Bldg on Cherry St. downtown Columbia on Thursday March 1st at 10:30 AM. The 358th will then take the box back to base. A senior sergeant will escort the box containing the medals flags and citations flying from Missouri to Florida. There the sergeant will be met with USAF officers and the ALL will deliver the medals to the JROTC unit at the High School.

The Medal Of Combat Valor or MCV is the highest medal the USTF has. It is normally for active duty and veterans who have been deployed to a combat theatre. “ In this situation it was felt that those three cadets who were in uniform met the requirements”. Stated Susan Haines The USTF's National Executive Director.” For those 7 minutes, they were in combat.” She added.

The USTF is a nationally recognized non-profit based in Columbia Missouri that honors veterans and active military through out the nation. It is named after the WWII pre D-Day naval battle of Exercise Tiger. Code named “Tiger” the training exercise turned into a battle when US Navy LST's (troop ships) of Convoy Taffy 4 were attacked by German Navy warships on April 28 1944. Since 1989 the USTF has annually honored this battle in which a 1000 soldiers and sailors were killed. Over 200 troops killed were from Missouri. A memorial is located in Mexico Mo. And State Highway 54 is renamed in their honor from I 70 to the city of Mexico. The USTF is recognized by the Dept. of Defense, Secretaries of the Navy, Army and Air Force as well as the US Coast Guard which annually takes part in wreath laying with the USTF. Its annual “Adopt A Warrior” program is a hallmark in Columbia every November for 19 years.

Cadet Peter Wangs sacrifice saving fellow students earned him the US Army's Medal Of heroism last week. Of him USTF National Director Susan Haines said, “He was intrepid in spirit, and undaunted in his deeds. His deeds on that afternoon was to confront evil, and until his last breath, held open a door saving countless students. He could have saved himself, but with cadet Wang, others came first”. Also receiving medals and citations are cadets Alaina Petty and Martin Duque. Those two cadets also were gunned down as they tried to help fallen students and doing so became easy targets for the gunman.

“This is what the USTF does. We honor those who gave their all in uniform for our nation. The legacy of those veterans who died during Exercise Tiger 74 years ago lives on in each person we honor today. Cadets Wang, Petty and Duque represent all that’s good in our society. And when courage counted most these three answered that call. We can do no less than to honor their sacrifice. They left us to soon, but we wish them God Speed in their new journey.” said Haines.

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Missourian News Article on 19th Annual Exercise Tiger Foundation's
National Adopt-A-Warrior-Banquet

Eleven active-duty service members, and a dog,
honored for their courage on Friday

An ear-to-ear smile emerged from Sgt. Jordan Smith's face when he was handed a letter of recognition for his service in the U.S Army, while his mine detection K-9, Rascal, leaped to receive his award: a dog bone.

Smith and Rascal were among 12 active-duty service members to be honored as Adopted Warriors at the National Adopt A Warrior Program banquet at the Stoney Creek Inn on Friday night. The program's theme was "when courage counted most." Honor, commitment, love of country, service and other depictions were used to describe the warriors' actions.


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Coverage of the 19th Annual Exercise Tiger Foundation's
National Adopt-A-Warrior-Banquet
on KOMU Channel 8

Tiger Foundation Honors Veterans

COLUMBIA - Kenneth Williams is a veteran. He said he decided to join the US Navy after high school because the job opportunities in his hometown weren't great.

"I just felt it was my duty to carry on where others had served in the past," he said.

During his time in the Navy, Williams was stationed in San Diego and made two trips to Vietnam.

"We live in a great country," he said. "And I inherited that, so to speak. I just felt like I needed to give back."

Williams was one of over 10 Vietnam War veterans honored by the United States Tiger Foundation at its 19th Annual Adopt A Warrior Program, Friday.


Exercise Tiger Logo Plans are underway for the2017 National Adopt A Warrior
Honors and Awards Weekend
. Our 19th year honoring
military active duty and Vietnam Veterans

Date: November 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Stoney Creek Banquet Center, 2601 South Providence Road, Columbia, MO

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Photo from last year's (2016) National Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet. U.S. Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler (Rep) Missouri, assists USTF National Executive Director Susan Haines, BG William Ward and BG James Raymer with the presentation of Medal of Combat Valor to 2016 Class of Adopted Warriors and Vietnam Veterans.

We have partnered with the Department of Defense in Recognizing Vietnam Veterans.

The USTF is looking for Vietnam Veterans to be honored at our November Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet. Calling all Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and USCG Veterans to be honored.

If you are a Vietnam War era veteran, which is defined by the DoD as having served from Nov. 1, 1955 through May 15, 1975, you qualify, even if you WERE NOT in country.

Please scroll down and fill out our Quick Response Form 2015, or send a copy of your DD214 or separation papers to USTF, 1005 Cherry St., Ste. 211B, Columbia, MO 65201 or email to Susan Haines at by Nov. 1, 2017. We want to reach as many veterans as possible, so please contact us or call at 573-356-3093 for more information. "It's your turn to be honored", and if no one has ever said it to you yet, "Welcome Home".

USTF is a nationally recognized not-for-profit non government organization which partners with DoD in honoring our nation's warriors and veterans. Donors and volunteers are needed as well.

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FEATURED STORY: Courtesy of "The Sandpaper" By MARIA SCANDALE | May 24, 2017
National Vietnam War Tribute Joins U.S. Exercise Tiger Tribute in Barnegat Light

Memorial Day came early to LBI when veterans from the Vietnam War and other conflicts were honored last month in Barnegat Light along with the World War II veterans of Exercise Tiger, a secret rehearsal for D-Day that German U-boats hit upon and sabotaged.
Anyone sitting in the audience 73 years later learned that the deaths of these 749 U.S. Army and Navy personnel off the English coast April 28, 1944 were not in vain. Lessons were learned that spared other lives when the actual D-Day invasion at Normandy did take place five weeks later.
The tribute by the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation is in its 28th year, but the addition of a Vietnam veterans tribute is newer. It began on a smaller scale last year, then this year more came forth to be recognized – 30 veterans of that war.
Called by name, they each received a Medallion of Combat Valor and accompanying citation presented by an Army colonel from the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Scott Preston on behalf of the secretary of the Army.
It was part of the foundation's new "ongoing tribute to honor Vietnam veterans as part of our commemorative partnership with the Department of Defense," said Susan Haines, foundation national executive director. The years 2012-2025 are encompassed in a 50-year anniversary observance of the Vietnam War.
Asked after the ceremony what the recognition meant to him, one Vietnam veteran from Middletown, Guy Opie, asked citizens to "just respect, and thank a veteran."
"We learned our lesson, that freedom is not free, a price has to be paid," he said. The ceremony was a  positive one "for everybody, for all branches and for all eras," he said.
Held in an open-air hall at Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, the 28th Annual Battle of Exercise Tiger National Tribute also included a wreath laying in Barnegat Inlet that coincided with 15 others at Coast Guard stations from Massachusetts to Washington State. This year broke a record for the Coast Guard's longest uninterrupted wreath-laying tribute, wrote the secretary of the Navy in a proclamation.
The common theme of the program was "When Courage Counted Most."
The Exercise Tiger Foundation has successfully set out to tell the history of what is now being called one of the most gallant exercises of World War II.
It was noted that "the men of Tiger share a similar fate with Vietnam War veterans, they too, were overlooked until some years later."
"They answered the call of duty and put service before self," said Coast Guard Capt. Benjamin Cooper, of Sector Delaware Bay. "That service before self is the same spirit we celebrate today with all of our Vietnam War veterans. Thank you for your service. As a nation, we did not thank you appropriately before. I'm hopeful that a token of thank you today is not too little, too late."
Courage was defined as "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain without fear."
Said Cooper, the men preparing for D-Day, who had grown up in the hardship of the Great Depression, "summoned that courage on the morning of April 28, 1944 as they were preparing for the D-Day landing ... and U-boats by chance stumbled across that convoy.
"That was a Friday morning, the seas were cold. The men were preparing to storm the beach, wearing very heavy gear. And when those LSTs (tank landing ships) were attacked ... there was no one there to rescue them.
"One of the lessons learned from that was to make sure we had small boats right alongside to effect a rescue," Cooper said.
"Only 248 bodies were recovered; there were 500 families that did not have closure ... it's a terrible thing to suffer a loss like that."
Five weeks later, allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy "and began the process of freeing Europe," he stated.
Another result of Exercise Tiger is that "radio frequencies were standardized," Cooper added. Escorts to the convoy "were on the wrong frequency; they didn't know the attack was happening."
A similar problem hampered response to 9/11 when "fire and police were on different frequencies," he noted.
Yet another improvement: "They needed better life vests and needed better training for what to do "in case something happens."
On Utah Beach itself in the actual Normandy invasion, less than 200 people died.
The ceremony continued for more than two hours with a host of U.S. military dignitaries and elected officials. Medals were also awarded to veterans of the Korean War, Cold War, Desert Storm, Iraqi War on Terrorism and Afghanistan War on Terrorism. The N.J. Submarine Association was recognized.
Among the speakers were state Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove with special state resolutions for each veteran. Congressman Frank LoBiondo was given the Congressman of the Year Award.
The Tom Oakley Service Award was among those given for the first time. It is named for the late G. Thomas Oakley, a World War II veteran, former Ship Bottom councilman and community leader.
It was granted to Ship Bottom Police Officer Ron Holloway, whose kindness made national news as he granted the wish of a dying woman, Patricia Kelly, to see the beach one more time.
Ocean County freeholders noted that the service also honored Petty Officer Tom Glynn, U.S. Navy, one of the last surviving New Jersey veterans of Exercise Tiger, and USCG Petty Office Nathan Bruckenthal, who was killed in combat guarding the waters off Iraq in 2004, the first member of the Coast Guard force to give his life in war since Vietnam.

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Mako Makes History, USCG Cutter Mako, first Atlantic based
cutter to honor Exercise Tiger

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The 2017 National Exercise Tiger Commemoration At USCG Station
Barnegat Light NJ & National Vietnam War Veterans Tribute ~

Medal Of Combat Valor Presentation With Dept. of Defense Pins & Citations
~ Pentagon Sends Officer

The 28th Annual National Commemoration of the WW II Battle of Exercise Tiger took place at USCG Station Barnegat Light with the National Vietnam war veterans Tribute. Over 30 Vietnam war era vets
were honored bringing the total to over 500 honored the past 3 years by the USTF in various ceremonies. LTC Scott Preston US Army presented the Vietnam Citations and Medals of Combat valor along with Susan Haines National USTF Director. LTC Preston came from the Pentagon in Washington DC to deliver remarks by SECARMY and to honor the vets. Other VIP's included Diane Gove NJ State Assembly who presented each vet with a NJ resolution. Ms. Gove also received the USTF NJ Legislator of the Year Award for her support of veterans and military. US Congressman Frank Lobiondo sent his top military affairs Director who honored the USTF with a congressional award. Congressman Lobiondo also received the USTF's Congressman Of The Year Award – East Region. The event had over 75 veterans from WW 2 to Afghanistan receiving awards.

This marks the 28th straight year that a boat from Station Barnegat Light has laid a wreath honoring "Tiger" The longest such tribute in USCG History!

Two new awards were presented: The Tom Oakley Community Service Award and the PFC Oscar Austin USMC Vietnam Award.

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Wreath Laying with Honor Guard by USCG Station Barnegat Light

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SECNAV Remarks On Battle of Exercise Tiger delivered by
LCDR Christopher Mulvey USN At National Commemoration Tribute On April 28 2017

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The Press of Atlantic City News Article on Exercise Tiger Tribute
April 28, 2017 Major Daily Newspaper ~

USCG Cutter Mako lays Wreath & Flowers Honoring WW II
Battle of Exercise Tiger First Atlantic Based USCG Cutter To Perform Duty In History

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Oregon Inlet NC Coast Guard Station Honors battle of Exercise Tiger & Nathan Bruckenthal With Wreath off mid-Atlantic Coast

The 47foot Motor Lifeboat from Station Oregon Inlet takes
part in the 28th annual Battle of Exercise Tiger Commemoration on Friday 28 April 2017 off the coast of North Carolina. Oregon Inlet station was one of 4 Atlantic Ocean USCG Surf stations to lay a wreath sponsored by the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation.

This was the 2nd year for the station to participate in the 5th annual USCG National Wreath Ring of Honor.

USCG Oregon Inlet, April 28, 2017

The station had a very busy weekend! Friday while offshore conducting an operation with the Navy, the station laid a wreath in honor of Exercise Tiger. The laying of the wreath is commemorative event held to honor the hundreds of sailors lost on April 28, 1944 during Exercise Tiger when eight U.S ships were attacked by the Germans during WW II.

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USCG Station Quillayute River Washington Honors
Exercise Tiger During USCG National Ring of Honor

The USCG Station Quillayute River lays a wreath honoring the Battle of Exercise Tiger and USCG PO Nathan Bruckenthal while doing Helo Exercises off the coast of Washington state.

USCG Station Quillayute River was one of 14 USCG Stations and cutters participating on April 28 2017. The station was one of 6 West Coast or Pacific based stations which participated for the 5th straight year of a USCG Continental "Ring Of Honor" wreath tributes.

Photos courtesy of USCG Quillayute River web page. The USTF has sponsored the annual National Commemoration since 1989.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Quillayute River - La Push, Washington

U.S. Coast Guard Station Quillayute River, La Push, Washington. ... April 16, 2017 .... January 28, 2016 ... The crew paused for a moment, between helicopter hoists to remember the events that took place 73 years ago during exercise Tiger.

The crew paused for a moment, between helicopter hoists to remember the events that took place 73 years ago during exercise Tiger. Exercise Tiger was a practice to the eventual landings in Normandy. While on maneuvers the convoy was attacked by German E-boats killing 551 army personnel and 198 naval personnel. This was and is still the worst training accident in military history. Crews on both coasts paused and paid respects at 1100 with a reading of a prayer and laying of a wreath.

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73rd Anniversary USCG Motor Life Boat Stations Map

Motor Boat Stations Ceremony map 2017

Exercise Tiger Logo

The 28th Annual Exercise Tiger Commemorative Ceremony will
be held April 28, 2017 at USCG Station Barnegat Light.
The Ceremony commences at 12:30 (noon)
at 601 Bayview Ave, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006


Ceremony Theme ~ "When Courage Counted Most"
in conjunction with the United Sates Coast Guard "Ring of Honor Tribute"

  • Arrival noon
  • Ceremony commences at 12:30 with
  • Posting of the Colors courtesy of McGuire-Dix –Lakehurst Air Force Honor Guard
  • National Anthem sung by Janet Bazner
  • Invocation Pastor Barry Steinmetz, Warren Grove Methodist Church.
  • Welcome remarks by USCG CWO Paul Ashley OIC Station Barnegat Light
  • Recognition of Missouri State Governor Eric Greitens' w/ Proclamation by Susan C. Haines, Nat. Exec. Dir.
  • Presentation of Ocean County Freeholder Jerry Little's proclamation presented by Jim Cocoran, USArmy retired
  • NJ Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove resolutions (approx. 50 veterans in attendance)
  • Presentation of remarks from Congressman Frank LoBiondo's office – Mike Francis USAF Command Chief (retired)
  • Presentation of SECARMY's remarks by LTC Scott Preston, USArmy Headquarters, Pentagon
  • Presentation of SECNAV's remarks, LT CNDR Christopher D. Mulvey, Navy Operational Support Center Earle, NJ
  • Message from USCG Command Master Chief Steve Cantrell,
  • Command Master Chief Jeff Dietzman will serve as the reader of the remarks for MCPOCG Cantrell.
    Capt. Benjamin Cooper ~ guest speaker
  • Presentation of awards and medals USTF – Susan Hanes, accompanied by LTC Scott Preston
  • Approx. 50 vetearns plus other awardees
  • Benediction Pastor Barry Steinmetz, Warren Grove Methodist Church.
  • Retiring of Colors

VIPs and invited guests will board the USCG life boats to lay the wreaths at sea

  • Laying wreaths at sea approximately 2:00. Accompanied by a Rifle team for 21 gun salute (pending)
  • Guests are invited to lay flowers at sea from the sea wall in memory and honor of those who've served. A reception will follow the wreath laying at sea, please plan to stay for it as well.

For more information please contact: Susan C. Haines, National Executive Director, United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, @ 573-356-3093 (cell) or at or CWO Paul Ashley, OIC, USCG Station Barnegat Light, (609) 494-2661

12 USCG Surf Stations circumnavigating the United States will simultaneously being laying wreaths at sea.

Host site USCG Station Barnegat Light..... Plus
1. Station Hatteras Inlet in North Carolina
2. Station Quillayute River,  La Push WA 
3. Station Coos Bay, Charleston, Or    
4. (sub station)  Coquille River, Charleston, Or 
5. Station Oregon Inlet, Nags Head, NC.      
6. USCG Station Yaquina Bay, Newport, OR                              
7. Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay,   Garibaldi, OR 
8. USCG Station Humboldt Bay, Samoa, CA 
9. Station Merrimack River,  Newburyport MA,
10. Station Morro Bay, 1279 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA.
11. USCG Station Galveston, 1 Ferry Road, Galveston, TX.

...and at the permanent display of the USCG Motor Lifeboat 44355 at the Tuckerton Maritine & Baymen's Museum, Tuckerton NJ

A note of interest, the state of  Missouri lost more men in the Battle of Exercise Tiger than any other state in the nation, thus our good Governor Eric R. Greitens has declared April 28, 2017 Exercise Tiger Day for the State of Missouri.  Also note, that all the Missouri state Governors dating back to 1990, have also signed a proclamation recognizing that April 28th is Exercise Tiger Day for the State of Missouri.  We have erected a Exercise Tiger Memorial in Audrain County, and renamed a U.S. Highway 54, The Exercise Tiger Expressway in honor of Missouri’s son who lost their lives in the Battle, 28 April 1944. Congressman Frank LoBiondo, who is the congressional liaison for the USCG, and military affairs for the state of New Jersey will be sending his Veterans’ Liaison, Michael Francis, USAF Command Chief, (retired) to represent his office and to recognize the Veterans who will be attending this Commemoration Ceremony. Freeholder Jerry Little, has also prepared remarks to be read in his behalf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove will be in attendance to recognize the veterans with personalized resolutions.

Exercise Tiger Logo

Missouri Newspaper Covers Exercise Tiger Honors
For Vietnam Vets and Others, Nov. 2016

Read Full Article

Exercise Tiger Logo

Exercise Tiger Honors Banquet 2016

"Homer" a German wire hair, Mine Detection Military working dog, receives the Medal of Combat Valor from Brigadier General William Ward, Assistant Adjuntant General, Missouri National Guard ~ Army, for over 160 combat missions while deployed with his handler, SSG Erik Kolbow, while saving the lives of hundreds of troops, in support of the Global War on Terrorism in Afghanistan Missouri State Director Bob Jackson presents SFC Martin Delaney III, 787th Military Police Batallion. Company B, US Army, from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO with WWII Veteran Sgt. Charles Griffey Award at the 18th Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet
Susan Haines, Nat. Exec. Director presents Distinguished Unit Award for their support and roll in the 18th Annual Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet and Military Recognition Ceremony Susan Haines, Nat. Exec. Director presents Distinguished Unit Award for their support and roll in the 18th Annual Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet and Military Recognition Ceremony

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler presenting BG William A. Ward, P.E. Assistant Adjutant General - Army Missouri Army National Guard and Deputy Chief of Engineers for National Guard Affairs (dual hat) Office of the Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army with the USTF Medal of Combat Valor at the 2016 Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler presenting Brigadier General James Raymer, Commandant U.S. Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO with the USTF Medal of Combat Valor at the 2016 Adopt A Warrior Honors Banquet
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler receives the 2016 Congresswoman of the Year Award from USTF presented by Susan C. Haines, Nat. Exec. Dir. assisted by Missouri State Director, MSgt. Bob Jackson, USAFR, 442nd FW (retired) As fans fill the stands for the Missouri vs. Vanderbilt football game on Saturday Nov. 12, United States Exercise Tiger Foundation presents 2016 Class of Adopted Warriors along with their unit commanders. In pic. 509th Bomb Wing Commander, BG Paul Tibbets, IV, USAF stands beside Adopted Warrior MSgt. Ernest Fishburne, 442nd FW presenting the USTF Military Service Wreath
Brigadier General James Raymer, Commandant, US Army Engineer School, presents letters from the US Army Headquarters, Pentagon, to the 2016 Class of Adopted Warriors along with Medals of Combat Valor from the USTF, SS Jennifer Solis, USAF, 509th Bomb Wing pictured w/ BG Raymer. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler Brigadier General William Ward and Brigadier General James Raymer present Medals of Combat Valor to Vietnam Veterans along with Department of Defense 50th Anniv. Vietnam War lapel pins

Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-Missouri) was in Columbia Friday to attend the 2016 National Adopt a Warrior Honors Ceremony
To watch and read the story, click here

Exercise Tiger Logo
Adopt a Warrior 2016 ~ November 11th, 2016

The 2016 National Adopt a Warrior Honors Ceremony will be held the weekend of
November 11th and 12th, 2016 in Columbia Missouri.

As a Vietnam War Commemorative Partner we will be recognizing Vientam Veterans
at this award ceremony. They will receive the Vietnam War Commemorative Lapel Pin
and the Exercise Tiger Foundation Medallion of Combat Valor.

Exercise Tiger News Header

Congratulations to the 2016 Class of Adopted Warriors!! We congratulate you on
being chosen to represent your units, and for going above and beyond the call of duty!

1) COL Roger Disrud Award
Maj Chase Bodenhauser,139thAW, MOANG

2) SGT Rudy Baginski Award
SSgt. Jessee Brackeen, USMC, UMC ROTC

3) MSGT Lee A Messina Award
MSgt. Griff Burdette, 139thAW, MOANG

4) CAPT Gregory Faughner Award
Tsgt. Phillip W Caswell, 442nd FW, Whiteman AFB,

5) SGT Charles Griffey Award
SFC Martin R Delaney III, US Army,787th MP Bn, Ft. Leonard Wood

6) MSGT Lee A Messina Award
MSgt. Ernest L Fishburne, 358thFS,495thFG,Whiteman AFB

7) Vernon Renner Award
SSG Erik D Kolbow, Combat Engineer Mine DET Dog Handler, US Army

8) Blue Tiger Award
Mine Detection Dog "Homer", US Army Ft Leonard Wood

9) MSGT Lee A Messina Award
MSgt. John Medley, 157th Air OP GRP 131 Bomb Wing

10) Capt. Gregory Faughner Award
SSgt Jennifer Solis, 509th Munitions SQN MXWSS, WhitemanAFB,

11) PO Walter "Guns" Domanski, Award
SSgt Amy M Zieber, 139thAW SFS, MOANG

For more information contact Susan Haines at 1.877.WW2.TIGR.

Exercise Tiger Logo
TO: Dallas Police Department and Community

On behalf of the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, I extend our condolences on
the loss of your police officers and the wounding of others on Dallas PD and
DART Police forces.

As a foundation that honors our nation's military and veterans, we also have
honored polices forces over the years.
We express our gratitude to your Department for your outstanding efforts
to bridge the gap between generations and races.
Your community policing is a model for the nation to follow.

Again, on behalf of the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, we stand
with you and feel for your police officers and their families. You are in
our thoughts and prayers.

Most sincerely,

Susan C. Haines
National Executive Director
U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation

Exercise Tiger Logo Five Fort Hood soldiers killed, 4 missing in flooding

The U.S.Exercise Tiger Foundation wishes to extend our most sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers to ALL the families, friends and colleagues of the all of Ft. Hood soldiers who were killed and injured in the recent flash flooding incident. Their loss is our loss. Their pain is shared by us as well. May God give them courage and strength during this time of suffering and anguish.

Most sincerely,

Susan C. Haines
National Executive Director
U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation
1-877-WW2- TIGR
(573-356-3093 cell)
573-449-8069 (fax)

Exercise Tiger Logo News Story: 27th Exercise Tiger National Wreath Ceremony

Honors Vietnam War Vets From Atlantic & Ocean County's
NJ State Assemblywoman Diane Gove Presents Proclamations
USCG Officer Honored With Courage Award
Wreath Remembering Brussels Terror Victims Laid Also

Barnegat Light USCG Station - On a wet April 28th, the 27th Annual Exercise Tiger National Wreath Ceremony took place at USCG Station Barnegat Light. Over 165 veterans and families took part in the annual event that marks the WW II Battle of Exercise Tiger in April of 1944. "Tiger" was a pre D-Day training exercise when German warships attacked and sank 2 US Navy LST"s and killed almost 1000 soldiers and sailors. For 2016, the USTF, a Commemorative Partner with the Dept. of Defense honored Vietnam War vets from Atlantic, Ocean, Cape May, Monmouth and Burlington Counties.

Each Vietnam war vet received a special lapel pin, certificate, and medal of combat valor for their service during the Vietnam War. Major General Peter Aylward from the Pentagon presented each with the pins and medals and was assisted by the USTF National Director Susan Haines as well as both Deputy Base Commanders from Joint Base MDL. NJ State Assemblywoman Diane Gave presented each vet with special commemorative resolution with their names on it.

USCG Perry Officer 1st Class James Maida from the Manasquan USCG Station received the nations first, Nathan Bruckenthal Award For Courage. POl Maida was selected by the USCG to receive tbe nations first award named after PO Nathan Bruckenthal who was killed in 2004 in combat. The USTF sponsors this award.

Representatives from the Secretary of the Army, and USCG Commandant delivered remarks. Secretary of the Navy added "to all Vietnam vets, Welcome Home".

After the formal portion, those vets and VIP's boarded 2 USCG Boats to lay memorial wreaths into the Atlantic Ocean near the Lighthouse. A special wreath to remember those killed in the March ISIS attack in Brussels Belgium was laid as well. A US Navy Rifle detail from the Earle Naval Weapons Station performed 21 gun honors as the USCG Boats laid the wreaths. In addition to USCG Station Barnegat Light, some 15 other USCG stations laid wreaths as well from Mass. to Oregon.

The event marked the 27th straight year that the USCG has laid a wreath for Exercise Tiger and now marks the longest such wreath laying in USCG History for any service.


Exercise Tiger Logo 27th Annual National Ceremony

Held April 28, 2016 at U.S. Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, NJ
Pictures from this year's event:

CWO Kevin Speer, commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light 
pins his father,Herald Speer, with a 50th Anniversary Vietnam War
commemoration pin for his service to our great nation.
Capt. Benjamin Cooper, the commander of Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay, and Susan Haines, the National Director of Exercise Tiger Foundation, present Petty Officer 1st Class James Maida with the inaugural Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal Award for Courage.
The laying of the wreath by the official party and special guests.
Members from Rifle Team Naval Weapons Station Earle preparing for a 21-Gun Salute.
Exercise Tiger Logo USTF on Donation site!

USTF has launched a page
to raise funds for the Honor An Airman Project.

The USTF hopes to raise $3000 to provide 1000 American Warrior Achievement. Citations to a Midwest based USAF fighter wing. The USTF is debuting the new American Warrior Achievement Citation and needs funding for printing, folders and other associated production cost.

Exercise Tiger Logo French K-9 "Diesel" to Receive USTF National Dog Award

Fallen French Police Dog- First 4 Legged "Warrior" To Die
FightingTerrorist Group. Adieu courageux Chien.

Diesel Dog to win award"Diesel" a lovable but no nonsense 7 year old Malinois Shepherd died on November 18th in an early morning anti-terror police raid in Paris France. "Diesel" the decorated police K-9 became the world's first K-9 to be killed while combating the new terror threat.

The USTF has reached out to the French Consulates and Embassy to inform them that "Diesel" will receive posthumously 2 of the Tiger Foundations prestigious awards. The National Order of The Blue Tiger Award for Military Working Dogs and Combat K-9's and the Medal of Combat Valor will be presented to the French Consulate at a date to be determined.

This marks the first time that a K-9 from a foreign country will receive this honor. "Diesel" will join the ranks of USAF, USCG, and US Army K-9's to receive this award. She will be the first foreign K-9 to receive the Medal of Combat valor which is given to K-9's by waiver as it is a human award.

French news stories called Diesel "Je Suis Chien" (or ... just a dog), a 4 legged "warrior" is more than just a dog, she is a hero. Her actions to subdue the suicide bomber during the raid saved her fellow human police officers from harm while she gave her life. She went into harm's way, but she didn't return.

Adieu courageux "Diesel"! or Farewell Brave "Diesel"!

Exercise Tiger Logo Paris Terrorist Attacks

United We Stand

To the people of France, your loss is felt here!

Your sadness is our sadness.
Your resolve is our resolve.

Vive la France!

Exercise Tiger Logo Veterans Day 2015

"The USTF Honors Your Service"

Exercise Tiger Logo Mizzou Football Recognizes Military Service

USTF Medal of Combat Valor Recipients honored before football game

Exercise Tiger Logo USTF Named "Commemorative Partner" by Dept. Of Defense

"Tiger" Foundation To Continue To Honor Vietnam Veterans

This past October the USTF was designated a Commemorative Partner by the DOD.

This is just latest in a long line of being an official partner
with the DOD and their Commemoration Committees. Over the past 25 years
the USTF has honored WW II, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans as a DOD

Since 2014 the USTF has honored over 200 Vietnam vets, and for 2016 has several
large scale ceremonies planned.

If you are a Vietnam vet or would like to support future ceremonies contact the USTF
or Executive Director Susan Haines.

Exercise Tiger Logo USTF Military Awards Form for 2015-2016 Vietnam Veterans

Fill out this form to receive DOD & USTF Awards for your service.

Click here or on the image to download the form...


If you have your DD214 release form, we would like for it to be attached to this form when applying for the DoD Certificate.

If you do not have your DD214 release form, please make sure that your contact information is current so that a call can be made to verify your information.

Please send to:
U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation
Attn:  Awards Committee Chairman
PO Box 246, Columbia MO, 65205

Exercise Tiger Logo Exercise Tiger Banquet Honors Military Service

(This article appears in the Columbia Dally Tribune)

Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 12:00 am

Ten members of the military based in Missouri were honored Friday night for their actions in the line of duty during the 17th annual National Adopt a Warrior Program.

Directors of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, which holds the event every year in Columbia, presented several awards, including the foundation's Medal of Combat Valor.

Maj. Jack Windes, Staff Sgt. Charles Felker, Gunnery Sgt. Sidney Richards, Capt. David Leonard, Staff Sgt. Daniel Middleton, Technical Sgt. Dustin Schwartz, Sgt. Lori Beth Singer-Bare, Master Sgt. Dan Hatch, Senior Master Sgt. Brian Little and Sgt. First Class Colon Estrada all also were given letters of recognition from Sens. Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill.

Brig. Gen. Randy Alewel of the Missouri National Guard appeared and spoke on behalf of Gov. Jay Nixon. All 10 honorees, he said, "share a common spirit of valor ... I was in awe of their courage in the face of danger."

Click here to read the remainder of the article at the Columbia Daily Tribune...

Photo Credit:
Daniel Brenner/Tribune

Exercise Tiger Logo Military Warriors to be Honored in Missouri Oct. 2nd

USTF's National "Adopt A Warrior" Program in its 17th Year

Columbia Mo.- The 17th annual "Adopt A Warrior" Program presented by the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation, will feature 10 military warriors and their families being hosted for a recognition weekend in Columbia Missouri. Warriors from the US Air Force, US Army and Army National Guard, Marines and US Navy will be treated to a Black Tie Awards banquet on Friday Oct. 2nd. A brunch on Saturday hosted by the Country Kitchen chain and they will be featured on the Missouri Football Field prior to the MU – South Carolina SEC football game.

Members of US Congress and Senate, the Missouri Governor, state and local elected officials will also present awards and recognition to each warrior. The USTF will present trophy's to each honroee as well as medals to those who qualify for the Combat Medal of Valor. In addition to the "Adopted Warriors" other veterans will be honored as well.

Dinner and Awards will be held at the Peachtree Banquet Center this year as it has one of the lager banquet rooms in the Mid-Missouri area. Traditionally between 125 and 150 attend the banquet which is done with all military pomp and ceremony and features a Sabre arch entrance by ROTC cadets.

To attend and see history please contact National Director Susan Haines at 1-800-328-6269 or at 877-WW 2- TIGR. If you are a member of the media please contact her as well. If you'd like to help support the event or have a veteran you want to see honored on Oct. 2nd contact USTF as soon as possible.

Saber Arch
Brigadier General DeBlieck, US Army The commanding officer of the 103rd Expeditionary Command, enters through a cadet saber arch during the 2013 Adopt a Warrior Awards Dinner.


Combat K-9 and Military Working Dog Nominees Still Being Sought
Military Order of The Blue Tiger Award to be given to USAF or US Army pooch

Military working dogColumbia,MO.- The USTF is still looking for a good Dog to honor. Nominations are still being taken for a Military working Dog or Combat K-9 to be honored at the Banquet on Oct. 2nd. The Military order of The Blue Tiger has been given to selected K-9's and their human handlers since 2011. It is the nations only award for military dogs. Contact the National Director Susan Haines to nominate your units dog and handler. A retired MWD/Combat K-9 and handler can be nominated as well.

Caption: Sgt. Alex Holloway, USAF and his military working dog "Filo". Sgt. Holloway received the nations first "Handlers" Award and Filo was the nations first K9 recipient of the Blue Tiger Award 2011.


Exercise Tiger Logo Vietnam Veterans to be Honored At Adopt A Warrior event Oct. 2nd

USTF to honor Vietnam Warriors with medals and awards in Missouri.
75 Vietnam vets already honored by USTF since 2014

Columbia,Mo.- Vietnam Veterans will be honored on Oct.2nd 2015 along with the active duty Adopt A Warrior" honorees in Columbia Missouri at the Peachtreee Banquet Center in their Columbia Room.

In keeping with the Dept. of Defense and their ongoing salute to Vietnam Veterans, the USTF will be honoring at least 20 Mid-Missouri Vietnam vets as well. So far 75 Vietnam vets have been awarded USTF medals or awards over the past year and a half. If you know a Vietnam vet that should be included on Friday Oct. 2nd or served in Vietnam contact the USTF now. "Since the 1990's when the Dept. of Defense began honoring our WW II vets, Korean war vets, the USTF, as a DOD Commemorative Community has done this as well" stated Susan Haines the USTF National Director.
Contact the USTF to be included.

Susan Haines Iowa Wreath
Caption: USTF National Director Susan Haines delivers remarks and presents awards to Iowa Vietnam Veterans in 2014

Exercise Tiger Logo Tiger Ceremony - April 28th, 2015 News Coverage

South Jersey Coast Guard Station hosts Wreath of Honor Tribute for
Exercise Tiger and remembers Missouri's favorite sons kia WWII 28 April 1944

BARNEGAT LIGHT, N.J. — The crew of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light hosted a remembrance ceremony and wreath laying on Long Beach Island Tuesday to honor those who fought in the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger April 28, 1944, and was accompanied by 15 USCG stations around the United States, including the USCG Sector Upper Mississippi in St. Louis. The USCG Cutter ADAK participated in the Arabian Gulf. Family & friends of Mearle Toerber, US Army, 3206th Quarter Master Company, kia 28 April 1944 from Massillon, Iowa also took part in wreath ceremony at grave side.

The annual ceremony pays tribute to the 749 sailors and soldiers who lost their lives April 28, 1944, during The Battle of Exercise Tiger, which began as a top secret naval operation designed to prepare troops for the June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion. Over 200 were from the state of Missouri. Governor Jay Nixon prepared a proclamation for the state of Missouri designating April 28, as Exercise Tiger Day. Letters from the Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Air Force, and Secretary of the Army applauded the "Tiger" Association for their continued support of our military.

Susan Haines, National Executive Director of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Association, Commemorative Foundation presented Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brian Williams and his Military Working Dog, Carly, with the Medal of Combat Valor at the annual ceremony. Williams was wounded in combat, losing his left leg, during his deployment in Afghanistan when and IED exploded, as he was serving with members of the 82nd Airborne Division's Bravo Company.

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan Bruckenthal was posthumously honored during a wreath laying ceremony along with other soldiers and sailors who lost their lives. Bruckenthal was killed during a security mission April 24, 2004, when a suicide bomber initiated a waterborne assault near the Iraqi Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal.

A special wreath was laid at sea in memory of US Navy Petty Officer Earl Thatcher, Jr., who served in the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger on LST 289, one of the Association's founding fathers who died April 20, 2015.

Tom Oakley, USNavy WWII, veteran reads Freeholder Gerry Little's Proclamation, recognizing the U.S. Exercise Tiger Association Commemorative Foundation, and the U.S. Coast Guard Wreath of Honor Tribute. Susan Haines, National Executive Director of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Association, Commemorative Foundation presented Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brian Williams and his Military Working Dog, Carly, with the Medal of Combat Valor at the annual ceremony. Williams was wounded in combat, losing his left leg, during his deployment in Afghanistan when and IED exploded, as he was serving with members of the 82nd Airborne Division's Bravo Company.
Read Full Article See more pictures and read the full article at "The SandPaper" website click here to view.


Exercise Tiger Logo News Release





WHEN: APRIL 28, 2015 AT 12:00 NOON



AT STATION PH.# 609-494-2661





for more information contact Susan Haines @ 573-356-3093

For the full story, download the PDF with this link.

Exercise Tiger Logo TIGER NEWS RELEASE - April 20, 2015

"Petty Officer Earl Thatcher, II, a Favorite Son of New Jersey"
By Susan Haines, Executive National Director ~ Published: April 20th, 2015

They say your life can change in minutes. During the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger, seventy-seven minutes changed the lives of 4,000 men. One of those men was Petty Officer Earl Thatcher. Earl met those 77 minutes on April 28th, 1944 as a member of the United States Navy, and he served on LST 289. He met that challenge and many others as his unit faced German forces on the seas during WWII.

Combat is a dark brutal heart of war where sailors come face to face with fear. It is where heroes are born. Petty Officer Thatcher was one such hero. That night so many years ago chaos
and confusion reigned supreme. Petty Officer Thatcher remained alert to the needs of the crew of LST 289. The ship he served was on had been torpedoed in the stern by German torpedoes on that fateful night. Earl was tasked with saving the life of LST 289. In the Bible Noah used an arc of wood to save lives. On April 28, 1944 Earl used an arc of electricity to save LST 289. Earl was an Electricians Mate stationed on LST 289. If it wasn't for him, LST 289 would not have been able to get to port with her wounded. History is made in mere minutes, and Petty Officer Thatcher was part of that history.

It is said that all sailors will one day die. The United States Navy lives on. So as a sailor, Petty Officer Thatcher lives on. Petty Officer Thatcher, or Earl, or Dad as his friends and family called him will also live on with the National Exercise Tiger Foundation in the form of an award that we will name in his honor and debut this fall at our Adopt A Warrior program. We will see that his legacy lives on in the form of a trophy to be Awarded to outstanding Petty Officers in the United States Navy. I had hoped to present Earl with our new award this spring,

But Petty Officer Thatcher, instead, I will read to you and all present the Secretary of the Navy's remarks for this year's Exercise Tiger Ceremony which will be held on Tues. April 28, at US Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light. (Read SECNAV's letter).

As a member of the U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, he was one of our founding fathers, along with Ensign Tom Glenn who also served on LST 289, and Bud Carey. His enthusiasm to always support our various 'Tiger" programs was unequal. Earl always had a smile that will now be greatly missed. Petty Officer Thatcher's final roll call came April 20, 2015, as the U.S. Exercise Tiger Association celebrates its 25th Anniversary. He now joins his Brothers-in-Arms and fellow
sailors on another foreign soil. But his spirit will live on with all of those he touched, specifically his children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. He had courage, loyalty and devotion at a time when it was most needed. We will miss you Earl, so will the state of New Jersey and all those who knew you. Good luck and God speed.

Most Respectfully,

Susan C. Haines
National Executive Director

Obituary for Earl F. Thatcher, Jr. at Gardner Funeral Home

Obituary for Earl F. Thatcher, Jr. at Gardner Funeral Home

Earl F. Thatcher Jr., on April 20, 2015, of Runnemede. Age 90. Beloved husband of the late Joan nee Weeks. Devoted father of Cathy Knoll Andrew, Diane Frockowiak Lawrence, Earl F. III Yvonne, and Kimberly Doms William. Loving grandfather of Lawrence Frockowiak Jacqueline, Erin MacMinn Brett, Jill Stawisuck Steven, Justin...





Exercise Tiger Logo TIGER NEWS RELEASE - Courtesy

'Hero Cat' gets award from national military foundation
By BakersfieldNow staff Published: Sep 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM PDT

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Tara the "Hero Cat" was honored Friday with an award from a national foundation that usually honors members of the military.

The U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation honored the cat and her family with the Order of the Blue Tiger Award.

In May, the cat's boy, young Jeremy Triantafilo, was riding his bike in front of his house when a neighbor's dog attacked him. That was when Tara came to the rescue.

The cat pounced on the larger-dog, chasing it away and saving her boy. The family's home security cameras captured the incident, and the video was uploaded to YouTube.

The rest is viral video history.

More stories about Tara:


Exercise Tiger Logo TIGER NEWS RELEASE - Courtesy The Bakersfield Californian

Published: Sep 27, 2014

Exercise Tiger Logo TIGER NEWS RELEASE


Tara, the hero cat from Bakersfield, CA will receive a national award on Friday, Sept. 26th at the Bakersfield Veterans Center, 1110 Golden State Ave., at 11:30 a.m.  The U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, a leading national foundation that honors  veterans and the military, will present to Tara and her family, the “Order of the Blue Tiger Award”.  This honor has always been given to Combat K-9, and military working dogs.

“We had to use a special waiver to allow “Tara” to receive this award, as it is solely given to honor military canines,”  stated  National Director, Susan Haines.  “I can honestly say that “Tara” has been the only cat to ever receive this award”.

Tara’s quick action last May saved the life of her human pal, Jeremy, from the jaws of a angry dog that savagely grabbed young Jeremy’s leg and began to maul the 4 yr. old.   Tara, an 8lb. Tabby cat flung her body at the dog, making it lose its grip on the boy.   Tara faced down the dog, and chased it away.  Tara then went back to check on Jeremy, and placed herself between the boy and dog, until an adult came to the boys aid.

Tara’s actions moved the nation.  Also, many veterans remarked that she had actions like trained combat K-9, and that no canine could have done better.  The U.S. Tiger Foundation’s “Blue Tiger” award has been given to top military working canines, from the USAF, ARMY, and Coast Guard.  Tara will be the first feline to get a canine award.

More importantly, several California military Veterans from Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan wars will receive the Medal of Combat Valor.  This is the Foundation’s highest medal for warriors and veterans.  Tara’s actions brought credit to her, her community, and by honoring her, we have an opportunity to also honor very deserving area veterans.  This will be part of her legacy, that U.S. Service men and women will be honored due to her actions.

The U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation is named in honor of the WWII Pre D-Day Battle of

Exercise Tiger, in which 8 U.S.Navy LSTs of Convoy Taffy 4 with over 4,000 soldiers and sailors aboard was savagely attacked by German navy torpedo boats.  Over 1,000 soldiers and sailors were killed when 2 LSTs were sunk in the battle.  Due to the secrecy surrounding the D-Day invasion, the battle was unknown and kept secret for many years.

Since 1989, the Exercise Tiger Foundation has annually commemorated the April 28, 1944 Battle, and  has honored over  5,000 veterans and warriors for the past 25 years.

The ceremony will include a color guard, awards, and photo ops, and will begin at 11:30 a.m.   The public and veterans are invited to attend.

Joe F. Acosta  MSW, ACSW
Team Leader
Bakersfield Vet Center
1110 Golden State Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 323-VETS (8387)
(661) 325-8387 (Fax)
75th Ranger Regiment—“Sua Sponte”
Keeping The Promise!
 U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation, National Director, Susan Haines, at 573-356-3093. 

-- END --

Exercise Tiger News Header  
Exercise Tiger Logo 1st Coast Guard Boat to Lay Tiger Wreath... Dedication 8/4/14

Exercise Tiger Logo

Exercise Tiger Logo USCG St. Barnegat Light hosts 25th Consecutive Wreath Laying

Left, Susan Haines Nat. Exec. Dir., Assemblywoman Dianne Gove, USCG Station. Barnegat Light Commander, Kevin Speer. Col. Charles Coursey, Capt. Chris Fletcher, Joint Deputy Base Commanders McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst.

Pictured, WWII Exercise Tiger survivor, Earl Thatcher, Capt Christopher Fletcher, Lakehurst Dix McGuire joint base. Deputy commander. US. Navy. Susan Haines Nat. Exec. Director, Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation
Exercise Tiger Logo USCG St. Barnegat Light hosts 25th Consecutive Wreath Laying
Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Speer, commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, N.J., prepares to place a wreath in Barnegat Inlet Monday, April 28, 2014. The wreath was laid to honor the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives during the World War II Battle of Exercise Tiger, April 28, 1944. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cynthia Oldham Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Speer, commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, N.J., is presented a Distinguished Unit Award from Susan Haines, National Executive Director of the Exercise Tiger Foundation, Monday, April 28, 2014. The station's crew earned the award for hosting the unit's 25th consecutive wreath laying ceremony to honor the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives during the World War II Battle of Exercise Tiger, April 28, 1944. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cynthia Oldham
BARNEGAT LIGHT, N.J. — The crew of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light hosted a remembrance ceremony and wreath laying on Long Beach Island Monday to honor those who fought in The Battle of Exercise Tiger April 28, 1944.

The annual ceremony pays tribute to the 749 sailors and soldiers who lost their lives April 28, 1944, during The Battle of Exercise Tiger, which began as a top secret naval operation designed to prepare troops for the June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion.

On this 70th anniversary of Exercise Tiger, one of the wreaths was laid in honor of Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan Bruckenthal, who was on a security mission April 24, 2004, when suicide bombers initiated a waterborne assault near the Iraqi Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal. He was severely wounded and later died from his injuries.

The Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light crew earned a Distinguished Unit Award for hosting the unit's 25th consecutive wreath-laying ceremony.

"I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to recognize the efforts of our service members, especially the veterans from World War II and the D-Day invasion, the Korean and Vietnam wars, and all the members of Exercise Tiger," said Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Speer, commanding officer of Station Barnegat Light. "There's really no way this unit, the United States Coast Guard or this country can repay you for your sacrifices that you and your generation have made for our country."

BOSTON (AP) — An unmanned submarine has recorded some of the most detailed images of two American ships that sank off the coast of England during World War II, according to the Massachusetts company that surveyed the wreckage to mark the disaster's 70th anniversary.

Images Courtesy: AP/Hydroid Inc.
Exercise Tiger LST bottom of English Channel Exercise Tiger LST bottom of English Channel Exercise Tiger LST bottom of English Channel
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Read the full News Article at the Associated Press Read full article at associated press: Sub Records Detailed Images of WWII Wreck
Read the full News Article at Kongsberg Hydroid Read full article at Kongsberg Hydroid: Sub Records Detailed Images of WWII Wreck

Exercise Tiger Logo Annual "Exercise Tiger" Wreath Laying Hits 25 Year Mark


This April 28th will mark a milestone in U.S. Coast Guard as well as military history.  The annual Exercise Tiger wreath laying by USCG motor life boat began in 1989 by the Exercise Tiger Association and USCG Station Barnegat Light reaches 25 years on Monday, April 28.  This tradition honors the soldiers and sailors of the WWII pre-D-Day Battle of Exercise Tiger.  On 28 April 1944, 8 US Navy troop ships, were attacked by German navy torpedo boats.  Two LSTs were sunk, a third was crippled, and over 749 soldiers and sailors were killed in combat.

Read the full News Release Here

Exercise Tiger Logo Proposed New Design for "Tiger" Anchor Memorial Announced
U.S. Exercise Tiger Foundation proposed new design for "Tiger" Anchor Memorial, to be repositioned at the Audrain County Court House, in Mexico, MO
Battle of Exercise Tiger New Memorial 2015
Exercise Tiger Logo Historic Event - 25th Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony
The 25th Annual Wreath Laying Commemorative Ceremony for USCG Barnegat Light and the USCG Life Boat Hull #44355 will be part of this year's 70th Anniversary of the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger to be held on April 28th, 2014.
Exercise Tiger Logo 103rd ESC Winter Ball - Des Moines, Iowa
The US Exercise Tiger Foundation Presented Medals of Combat Valor to numerous troops and cadre at the 103rd winter ball.
Brig. General Deblick, US Army, Brig. General Mark Corson, US Army (r), Susan Haines, Executive National Director, Lt. General (Retired) Jack C. Stultz. Former Chief, Army Reserve and Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command Brig. General Deblick, US Army, Brig. General Mark Corson, US Army (r), Susan Haines, Executive National Director, Pat Rowe Kerr, Deputy Director of Volunteers, for 'Tiger", Deputy Coordinator of Volunteer Services,Lt. General (Retired) Jack C. Stultz. Former Chief, Army Reserve and Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command
Exercise Tiger Logo Veteran Recalls "Forgotten" Korean War
by Patrick Rawlings, KOMU 8 Reporter 

COLUMBIA - Veterans are recalling their "forgotten war," 60 years after an armistice signaled a ceremonial end to the conflict in Korea.

Army veteran Bob Wade said he and others returned home to a welcome they were not expecting.

"There was no attention, no attention made at all," he said. "Things went on like they wanted to go on."

"Some of the boys started coming home, especially the wounded ones, there wasn't much publicity about it," said Wade, who is a member of VFW post 280 in Columbia.

"There was publicity about the battles and the movements," he said. "But as far as what we were doing there, I don't think that the American people got an idea of what there really was."


Exercise Tiger Logo Department of Defense Honors Exercise Tiger

National Director Susan Haines accepts Department of Defense Korean War Plaque for
her role in recognizing over 100 Korean War veterans at the April 28th National Exercise
Tiger 69th Anniversary Ceremony at U.S. Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, NJ.

(insert pic of Susan with CWO Jay Greiner, commander of USCG Station Barnegat Light, Commander John O'Brien and Col. David Clark of the Department of Defense Korean War Commemoration Committee. Col. David Clark presented United States
Exercise Tiger Foundation National Director, Susan Haines with a Korean War 60th Anniversary Plaque from the Department of Defense.

Exercise Tiger Logo U.S. Coast Guard K-9 honored as "Top Dog"

Receives "Blue Tiger" Award

A U.S. Coast Guard K-9 has been honored with the "Military Order of the Blue Tiger" Award. A U.S. Coast Guard K-9 became the nation's first USCG Dog to be honored with the "Blue Tiger" award. He joins several USAF Military Working Dogs with this prestigious honor. His handler is Petty Officer Jason Agar, who Becomes the only USCG Handler with this distinction.

Exercise Tiger Logo Proposed New Memorial Announced

December 27, 2012
Artist Rendition of New Proposed
National War Memorial for Iraq and Afghanistan 

PDF STATEMENT to Families and residens of Newtown, Connecticut, prayers
"The Iraq and Afghanistan National War Memorial
& Eternal Flame of Valor"
Projected for Columbia and/or Mid-Missouri Region.

The United States Exercise Tiger National Commemorative Foundation's Eternal Flame of Valor Memorial would be the Nation's first war memorial to honor some 4,000 soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan . The Eternal Flame of Valor Memorial would be placed on a raised platform flanked by two Missouri limestone walls that bear all the names of each war. It would be ideally suited for a local, state or county courthouse lawn, or for a University or ROTC setting, local or state park setting, with local or private partnering. This is very unique to the United States as there is no memorial to the men and women who gave 'the ultimate sacrifice' during these conflicts.

Contact Susan Haines, National Director at 1-800-328-6269 if you or your organization would like to be part of this project.

Exercise Tiger Logo New Tiger Logo for 2012 and Beyond

For 2012 the Tiger Foundation is proud to announce it has a new logo to help "market" the identity of the Tiger Foundation. The "Jumping Tiger" logo will join the Foundations existing seal logo design. "It will help with "bridging" the organization and is both classy and agressive just like the Tiger Foundation", stated Susan Haines, National Director.

Exercise Tiger Logo First "Welcome Home" Medals & Pins Awarded to Iraq Troops
The Exercise Tiger National Director delivers speeches at Mexico and Columbia, MO.
Susan Haines delivers speeches at the National Ceremony April 28th, commemorating the 68th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger. These ceremonies along with three more were coordinated by the Exercise Tiger Foundation's National Office Located in Columbia.
"Welcome Home" Medals & Pins
Awarded to Iraq Troops

The Tiger Foundation's first medals to officially welcome home US Troops were presented to Army, Navy, Army Reserve, and National Guard Troops on April 28th, 2012 at the nation's 2nd official "Welcome Home" tribute in Columbia Missouri sponsored by the Exercise Tiger Foundation.
Exercise Tiger Logo Joint ceremony honors troops past and present

COLUMBIA, MO — Eighty-eight-year-old David Troyer was barely 20 when his unit joined thousands of troops to stage a rehearsal for the storied D-Day invasion that turned the tide against Nazi Germany in World War II.

In the early morning hours of April 28, 1944, the secret operation known as Exercise Tiger was interrupted by a flotilla of German E-boats, and by daybreak, 749 American sailors and soldiers were dead. The body count included 201 Missourians

"They mowed a lot of us down," Troyer said yesterday at the conclusion"... more

Brigadier General Mark Corson reading the governor's proclamation declaring April 28th "Exercise Tiger Day" for the State of Missouri.
Click here to read the full article by Jodie Jackson The Columbia Daily Tribune
Exercise Tiger Logo WWII 68th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger Celebration

MEXICO, MO — The Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation celebrated the WWII 68th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger Saturday in downtown Mexico, and complemented the historic event with a "Welcome Home Troops" theme. The event, held in front of the Exercise Tiger Army and Navy Anchor Memorial at the Audrain County Courthouse, opened with a military vehicle convoy, remarks from the Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Army, a Governor's Proclamation proclaiming April 28 as Exercise Tiger Day... more

Military men stand guard at Mexico's Exercise Tiger Memorial at the Audrain County Courthouse. Photo by Kimberly Long Click here to read the full article by Kimberly Long at the Mexico Ledger
Adopt a Serviceman Program Stamp Adopt A Serviceman & Servicewoman Program
The "Adopt A Serviceman" Program is an annual event for the state of Missouri. It began in 1999 as the "Adopt An Airman" program and has continued to grow every year now honoring all branches of military service. As long as there is a need for our armed forces to serve, there is a need to honor those who are routinely placed in harms way. It is truly an honor to recognize the individual efforts of enlisted NCOs and the personnel of the US Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marines. We encourage you to find about more about this program and current and past honorees.
The CATS For K-9's Program

The Military Order of the Blue Tiger (MBOT) is to be an annual National Award for MWD's of all services. 
In the News: First National Reward Recipient Announced
In the News:
Military Dog Has Its Day
In the News: Whiteman MWD Recieves First National Award
In the News: Bomb-sniffing dog wins MO. honor
In the News: Missouri Dog to be Nation's First Blue Tiger Award Winner

Exercise Tiger Award Tiger Association Awards

Exercise Tiger GalleryThe Tiger Association has given out many awards over the years to many recipients. Please take a look at the names of some of these worthy individuals.





The first of the “Hero Ships” series on the History Channel features a profile of the LST and a segment with one of our former staff members.
From the History Channel... “The Hero Ships series profiles the complete combat history and evolving technology of a single American ship, often through multiple conflicts. These are the battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, and specialized ships that belong in the warship hall of fame. Archival footage and interviews are punctuated by all-access inspections of the ship's "battle stations," conducted by young, active Navy sailors. The series lets us understand the role of each weapon and technology, the dramas that unfolded in different rooms during the heat of battle, and the unique traditions and stories of each vessel.”

 History Channel Hero Ships

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